Consulting for Distributors

If you have all the sales you need, don’t read this!

The MCR Safety Consulting & Compliance (C & C) team is an extension of your own sales teams that you don’t need to manage and better yet, don’t have to compensate! The C & C team members are available to make end-user calls with your sales team or on your behalf. The C & C team is typically brought in to:

  • Trouble-shoot an issue your customer is having such as eye injuries, cuts, hand protection issues etc.
  • Perform hazard assessments to help ensure the right PPE item is being used for the application.
  • Offer recommendations and samples for testing
  • Offer potential cost savings solutions
  • Evaluate opportunities for product consolidation/SKU reduction
  • Up sell from commodity, price-driven products to those that offer higher performance, value, and a better overall cost solution
  • Facilitate the creation of customized products, based upon the end-user’s specifications
  • Help close the sale
All this with no obligation from your customer.

The C & C team is charged with making over 1600+ end-user calls, with a close goal of 60%! Are you closing 60%?

Additionally, we can help with training resources and have an Authorized OSHA trainer that can help train your sales team or your customer, in the United States.

When should they start working with you?

For more information, please discuss with your C and C Manager or call 800-955-6887 x 6200