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MCR Safety sells our products exclusively through safety equipment distributors. If you are a distributor, this is your home away from home. Go ahead and apply for a User ID and Password so that you can have access to all the resources on this site.

MCR Safety Promos
Turn Inventory - Burn Competitors with low prices! The offerings include overstock and discontinued styles with as much as 50% price discounts. All styles are subject to availability and priced to turn inventory and burn competitors with greatly discounted prices. Click here for the current lists. A username and password is required.
MCR Safety Online Training
Online Product Training is now available to MCR Safety distributors! Don't worry, these aren't instructions. Think of them as coaches. Your own personal trainer, available anytime. Click here to view our available training modules-er-coaches at MCR Safety's training web site. A username and password is required to access the training modules, so new users will need to request a login.
MCR Safety Product Reference Library
Remember when we told you to get a User ID and Password? Well, if you did just that, you can access MCR's online Product Reference Library - Everything you need to know on all our products. I know, I know, that's a lot of products. Don't get your stuff in a bunch - you can use this handy search tool to find MCR Safety products by searching for features, styles, colors, and much more. You have access to our MCR Cross Reference Guides where you can easily find a MCR Safety replacement for your current personal protection equipment. We currently have crossover information for hand protection, eye & face protection, protective apparel, safety vests and respirators. So get your User ID and Password already.
MCR Safety Image Library
Perhaps .jpegs and .gifs are your thing. If so, peep our new Product Image Library, now available to MCR Safety distributors! Click here to log in and download our product images, logos and model shots (oh yeah) in the format(s) you choose. A username and password is required to access the images ... you know the drill. Current users of our online training web site will not have to create a new user profile. Your training username and password will work here as well.
MCR Safety Online Videos
Then again, it is the 21st Century, so who needs reading? Check out our new Online Videos. Click here and watch our streaming videos: guest speakers presenting the features and benefits of our products. A username and password is required to access the videos, so new users will need to request a login.
MCR Safety Document Library
A sheetload of sheets. Product specification sheets. Product sales sheets. Material safety data sheets (msds), and other helpful literature, available online. Sheet, son! That's a huge library at your fingertips. Click here to access the Product Document Library. The literature is in Adobe PDF format so you will need Adobe Acrobat Reader to view the documents, but hey, Acrobat Reader is FREE - no sheet. click here to download.
MCR Safety Permeation Guide
Chemicals burn. Seriously, it freakin' hurts. MCR Safety's Glove Permeation Guide will help you determine the proper glove when handling chemicals, so you can keep your skin right where it belongs. And we make it damn easy, too - you can find the proper hand protection by searching for chemical or CAS number. We even provide detailed information on the chemicals, and you don't even have to beat up a chem nerd. Login not required to access this information.
MCR Safety In The News
MCR In The News The latest news on new product introductions and how to keep you safe at work and home. MCR Safety is on a mission to constantly improve our company, our service, and our products. Be sure to check in to read up on our latest developments.
MCR Safety Ask The Experts
Does the glove fit the job? MCR Safety's Ask The Experts Hand Protection Analysis will let you know. Just complete this form and let our experts recommend the perfect glove for the task at hand. Login not required to access this information.
MCR Safety Co-op Program
Co-op Catalogue Program provides another way to promote your business by using our printed material with your logo and company information! Click here to learn more about this exciting offer and the literature available.
MCR Safety Product Support
Cover Your ___ headquarters. Here are some links to industry product information and standards, safety councils, and publications. MCR Product Support.


For a return, please call 800-955-6887 to request a return authorization number and document this number on your return. Please note that a return is not valid until shipment is received and all items are inspected for proper quantities, packaging and overall resalable condition. No credit will be issued on any items found non-resalable. Arrangements to claim items non-returnable must be made within 15 days of notice or items will be discarded.


MCR Safety takes pride in our ability to support our distributors not only on a day to day basis for their PPE needs, but also when an emergency such as a natural disaster arises. MCR Safety has implemented a Distributor Emergency Response Plan which provides support to our distributors outside of normal business hours should an emergency or natural disaster arise. As soon as we are aware of any such emergency we will invoke our Emergency Response Plan and you will be able to access additional details on our website at http://www.mcrsafety.com under Distributor Tools and select Emergency Response Plan or call 1.800.955.6887 option 8 for further instructions. Instructions will be designed according to emergency.

We recognize such emergencies may cause disruption to your business, homes and families. MCR Safety is committed to providing support during these times and we will provide you with whatever support we can in the aftermath of such events.

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Send an e-mail to or call 1-800-955-6887.
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