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Ever wish you could look into a crystal ball and see the future?

At MCR Safety, we have our finger on the pulse of the working class around the world. We are with them every day paving roads, running new electrical grids, packing meat and landscaping yards. Our products are on the line every day, protecting people at home and at work. It isn’t enough to be good, we have to be the best.

Knowing that someone is counting on us is what drives us to push past the corporate motivations of our competitors and develop innovative products of the highest quality. And we have the record to back that up.

For more than 40 years we have proven to be an industry leader in glasses, gloves and garments. We manufacture our core product lines and have strategic partnerships with Dyneema and DuPont Kevlar to ensure the highest quality materials available and provide maximum safety, comfort and style.

MCR Safety set the benchmark for logistics in our industry. Our two distribution facilities provide next day service to many of the states. We support our distributors with a sales force second to none. We offer private labeling, national advertising, trade show participation and trade associations.

Our website provides 24/7 access to our expertise with online product document library, online distributor and PPE training, permeation guide, reference and cross reference library.

And that’s not all…

In 2008, we accomplished some milestones that paved the way for future success.

We opened a new eyewear factory in China giving us complete control from design to final product. This well managed facility provides jobs and boasts of a 98% retention rate, which is almost unheard of in this region.

MCR introduces the consulting and compliance team, devoted to developing and bringing to market next generation PPE.

Patented ForceFlex eyewear withstands impacts of over 1000 feet per second is introduced into the market.

Introduced the ForceFlex ZB100 impact glove which features back of hand TPR protection cage and Zoombang® in the palm. Zoombang® protects top flight athletes in the NFL, NBA, MBL and NHL.

Our focus on product innovation paid off in 2009 and we were recognized by an industry-leading news magazine, Occupational Health and Safety Magazine. ForceFlex with Zoombang® ZB100 named OH&S New Product of the Year for hand protection.

We opened a new glove factory in Nanhai, China gave us better quality control and also greater control of production output allowing us to meet customer demands and ship without extended waiting periods.

In 2010, we began partnerships with some of our customers and started field trials to help us innovate our products.

MCR Innovations Technical Center opens testing lab to provide data for all applicable ANSI/ISEA safety standards for gloves, glasses and garments.

ForceFlex wins OH&S New Product of the Year for eyewear category.

We opened a new yarn spinning factory in Puebla, Mexico which runs 7 days a week and produces 20,000 lbs. of yarn per year.

Introduced Max with our new branding effort to have a greater presence with the end user.

ForceFlex HV100 glove is developed for the oil and gas industry with over 4000 hours of rig field trials to achieve maximum protection, durability, dexterity and worker efficiency. It is now sold on 6 continents.

MCR continues to increase user presence by adding field sales, growing the consulting and compliance team and adding manufacture sales reps like JDF, Line Drive, and Clark & Associates.

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