Dyneema Gloves:  I love dyneema cut proof gloves best gloves I've ever wore. Colder in hell in the winter time though. I was looking for a local retail outlet for dyneema Memphis gloves. No others even come close to the quality of Memphis gloves and their commitment to safety and customer service. Steven Teter, 06/2017

US Defense Polarized Lens:  I have used the US Defense with Polarized & Mirrored Lenses with their 100% U/V & UVA coatings as a Crane Operator in Texas. Headaches from the U/V & UVA have diminished. The Polarized lenses also help greatly when having to operate looking toward the Sun and reducing glare. I highly recommend these Safety Glasses for Equipment Operation. Thanks & God Bless, Jimmy Ray  03/2017

Satisfied Customer: Received the message below from a satisfied end user regarding our cleaning wipes. “…just so your company knows I used them on both my Oakley glasses and your wipes did a great job with no problems.” 03/2017 

Driver Gloves 3200 series:  These gloves, 3200M I've been using for a few years. They are much more durable and comfortable than the ones provided by my employer. they buy real cheap gloves that last a couple of weeks and don't fit well. They won't buy better gloves and this spring I tried to buy a pair but no one sells single pairs any more, they are only sold in dozens which I can't afford. So I bought two pairs from you as a trial because its the only way I could get them. They are great gloves and I would buy more if I could get them in single pairs. 08/2016

Tear_Away Safety Vest: Work issued a velcro tear-away safety vest for me and I was reluctant to wear a different vest than the one I already owned. My second day on the job, a truck malfunction happened and the automatic handle caught the vest and began to wrap me up extremely fast and I was thrown from the truck. If it wasn't for your tear-away safety vest, and I had been using my standard vest, I could have lost my arm or worse. You safety products have stood way above the others for a while, but now, i'll be coming to your company for all my safety needs. Thank you so much for making such an awesome product! 07/2016

2016-07 CustomerTestimonial_Safety Vest

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