FR Clothing

At MCR Safety, we always want you dressed head-to-toe in the best PPE available on the market. The daily demands of your job take a physical toll on you and the PPE you wear. It may sound a little dramatic, but wearing flame-resistant clothing (FRC) that exceeds performance requirements for burn rate, fabrics, zippers, pockets, and buttons may be the difference between life and death. Check out our entire line of Flame Resistant (FR) Clothing.
FR Clothing
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FR Clothing
Flame-resistant (FR) clothing is made of a fabric designed to protect workers from flames and thermal exposure.
MCR Safety's FR Clothing powered by Summit Breeze® Technology
Summit Breeze®
Patented Summit Breeze® Technology is exclusively used on MCR Safety FR apparel, incorporating mesh venting onto the back...
Hi Vis FR Clothing
For those occupations where visibility is just as important as FR protection, workers choose MCR Safety Hi Vis FR garments.
MCR Safety makes one of the largest selections of cut resistant and FR sleeves made with DuPont™ Kevlar® in the industrial...
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Workman Gloves
Whether you’re prepping a tie off or wrangling a transmission pole, you will need a set of high-quality FR workman gloves....
FR Knowledge Center
MCR Safety's FR Knowledge Center is a library of important information specific to flame-resistant (FR) clothing
FRC Safety Blog
The FRC Safety blog contains industry leading research and information for Flame Resistant Clothing and Summit Breeze®...

Everything you need to know about FR gear

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