Summit Breeze® Coveralls

Have you ever heard the saying, “Less is More”?  After a long workday, when it comes to the weight of a coverall, you’ll embrace this saying. Weighing in at only 5.5 ounces, we manufacture coveralls that are extremely lightweight and also extremely durable, due to our rip-stop material and triple-stitching.  Combine all that with mesh venting that breathes and you’ve got one hard-working, flame-resistant coverall.

MCR Safety coveralls that are manufactured with patented Summit Breeze® technology ensure you’re protected on any job site with the best performing FR protection available on the market.  Here are the core features of MCR Safety’s FR coveralls, powered by Summit Breeze® technology:

Features of MCR Safety's FR Coveralls

Powered by Summit Breeze®

OEKO-TEX® Certified  

Tested for harmful substances, no formaldehyde.

Patented Triple Vent Technology  

Priceless protection, powerful performance, and peace of mind.  See all features for Summit Breeze® technology here.

Triple Reinforced Nomex® Stitching on Major Seams  

For durability in high wear areas

Mesh Gas Monitor Holder  

Keeps gas monitor within breathable zone

Tool Pocket on the Right Leg  

Added convenience for keeping tools close at hand

Side Pass-Through  

Allows access to your inner pockets

Back Vent
1" Reflectivity
3" Triple Trim Reflectivity
Rip-stop Reinforcement
Left and Right Underarm Vent
 SBS1003 Detail2 s 
Elastic Waist Back Coverall
Pass-through Pocket
Mesh Gas Monitor Pocket
 SBC1012 Detail3 s
Stand-up Collar Option
Pen Pockets
Roomy Deep-back Pockets
Tool Pocket
Triple Needle Stitching
Two Snap Closure
Zipped Chest Pocket
Back Vent Closure

Product Matrix

Style # Description Color Inherent Blend Cotton 7 oz. 5.5 oz. Rip-stop Reinforcement 3" Triple Trim Reflectivity 1" Reflectivity ATPV
SBC2011 Summit Breeze® Coverall 7 oz. Cotton Gray     x x       x 8.7 cal / Cat 2
SBC2012 Summit Breeze® Coverall 7 oz. Cotton Navy     x x       x 8.7 cal / Cat 2
SBC2013 Summit Breeze® Coverall 7 oz. Cotton Tan     x x       x 8.7 cal / Cat 2
SBC2014 Summit Breeze® Coverall 7 oz. Cotton Red     x x       x 8.7 cal / Cat 2
SBC2031 Summit Breeze® Coverall 7 oz. Triple Trim Cotton Gray     x x     x   8.7 cal / Cat 2
SBC2035 Summit Breeze® Coverall 7 oz. Triple Trim Cotton Royal Blue     x x     x   8.7 cal / Cat 2
SBC1011 Summit Breeze® Coverall 5.5 oz. Inherent Blend Gray   x     x x   x 8.9 cal / Cat 2
SBC1012 Summit Breeze® Coverall 5.5 oz. Inherent Blend Navy   x     x x   x 8.9 cal / Cat 2
SBC1032 Summit Breeze® Coverall 5.5 oz. Inherent Triple Trim Blend Navy   x     x x x   8.9 cal / Cat 2

Latest Products that Feature Summit Breeze®

FR Certifications and Testing

MCR Safety’s coveralls, powered by Summit Breeze® technology, are certified to NFPA 2112, NFPA 70E, ASTM 1930, ASTM F1506, and UL.  We know that’s a long list, but we want you to know you can count on MCR Safety’s products being ready to answer the call and perform when needed. For details about any of these standards, just click on the standard and you’ll be redirected to a highlight page where we explain what that standard covers for ensuring your safety at work.

ASTM 1930 Certified
ASTM F1506 Certified
NFPA 70E-2018 Certified
UL Certified
NFPA 2112-2018 Certified

Everything you need to know about FR gear

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