Impact Leather Work Gloves

Impact Resistant Back on Leather Gloves

Almost everyone would agree that when they put on a pair of leather gloves, they want them to be well-constructed and long-lasting.  With MCR Safety impact leather work gloves, you’ll know you’re getting some of the best materials available in the leather glove industry. Impact gloves are engineered with extra padding and additional features to provide back-of-hand and finger protection. That alone means these gloves are a step above your everyday leather work glove.

So, why would someone require an impact work glove? Some jobs require extra protection on the back-of-hand. An example of this would be someone handling tools that might slip, leaving their hands vulnerable to impact from the tool or from other workers’ tools in their surrounding area. Impact work gloves are designed to take a beating, both in the palm and the back-of-hand. Since leather is durable and tough, impact protection is an ideal addition to leather work gloves.

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PD2907 is engineered
with premium features all over.

Keep in mind that impact work gloves are not reserved only for back-of-hand protection. There’s an extra layer of padding in the palm for enhanced protection against heavy objects, too. We break down our selection of impact leather gloves by their outside impact protection and inside palm protection.

ANSI/ISEA 138 Level 1 ANSI/ISEA 138 Impact Level 2
Impact work gloves standards for impact

Back-of-Hand Protection

Back of Hand Protection

For more information about all of our impact gloves, check out our Impact Protection page . Here are our most popular leather gloves with back-of-hand protection.



Leather Drivers Work Gloves Select Goatskin Leather with Oil Block Technology  TPR Back of Hand...


Predator® Mechanics Work Gloves Premium Cow Grain Leather Palm D3O® Foam Padded Palm Tire Tread...


Predator® Mechanics Work Gloves Impact Resistant Gloves Premium Honey Gold Goatskin D3O® Foam...


Big Jake® Ultimate Protection Premium  A+ Side Leather Palm Work Gloves Full Leather Back with...

Inside Palm Protection

Inside Palm Protection

Impact protection is not reserved only for the back-of-hand. You’ll find padding in the palm, too, which helps with shock absorption from picking up heavy objects.


MCR Safety Mechanics Gloves Synthetic leather palm G shape gel palm pad


MCR Safety Mechanics Gloves Grain goatskin palm with foam padding Adjustable hook and loop wrist...


MCR Safety Mechanics Gloves with TaskFit Design  Military 499 Tan Synthetic Leather Palm Nylon...

TPR Winter Lined Gloves

Cold environments can cause problems for unprotected hands. Protect yours with these lined gloves.



MCR Safety Welding Leather Welding Work Gloves Premium Grain Goatskin Leather 5 Inch Split...

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