Thermo Plastic Rubber (TPR)

TPR back-of-hand protection just keeps getting better and better.  Our first model, the ZB100, offered wearers a block TPR design, covering the majority of ones’ backhand.  The ZB100’s injection molded TPR padding on the back of hand and fingers provided full dorsal metacarpal protection. This design was eventually awarded the 2009 New Product of the Year award and fueled the development of future Force Flex models. 

In 2011, within the ForceFlex family, we won new product of the year with the HV200.  From here, we have continued building on the initial TPR technology, always placing a high degree of emphasis on protecting a worker’s entire back-of-hand and fingers.

Due to the Oil Industry’s acceptance of TPR glove technology, many advancements have taken place over the past decade and now many industries are taking advantage of back-of-hand impact protection. 

Timeline of the Evolution of TPR enhancements

2008 2012

Force Flex ZB100, HV100 and HV200 TPR Design

MCR Safety Force Flex TPR

2013 2016

Tire Thread design offering the most comprehensive coverage in the industry, with bump protection across the knuckles. Users comment about the PD2903:

"These gloves are rugged, protective and durable."

MCR Safety Predator TPR

2016 2018

Greater TPR Tire Tread Flexibility, like with the PD2906

MCR Safety Predator New TPR


Rolling TPR Design, like on the MC503, offers greater comfort to the wearer and overall durability.
The UltraTech™ gloves are designed to provide precision and protection for a variety of job tasks. The exclusive TPR design provides excellent coverage for back-of-hand protection. Also, be sure to check out our most recent blog article covering the MC503

MCR Safety New TPR

MCR Safety Additional TPR Information

ANSI/ISEA 138 Impact Protection

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Latest Products that Feature Thermo Plastic Rubber (TPR)

Raised rubber materials are now formed or co-injected for back-of-hand protection, providing impact resistance and crush prevention in areas once only protected by cotton and leather.  Workers need maximum coverage and protection across the back-of-hand, dispersing incoming energy from heavy materials and objects.  Metacarpal bones and phalangeal area are parts of the hand impact gloves help protect!


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