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Option 1 / Summit Breeze® Triple-Vented Technology

FR clothing powered by Summit Breeze® provides wearers with the only triple-vented FR product on the market today. MCR Safety is the exclusive seller of this patented technology that keeps wearers cooler and better protected. Here are some places where you can read up more on this FR technology.

Visit our Summit Breeze® Technology Resources

This is the option if you want a matrix that sums it all up with videos, performance stats, and a breakdown of shirts and coveralls!

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Check out the options for FR clothing with our 70E Comfortable FR Clothing line.

Do you work in the utility industry or as an electrical contractor? We’ve assembled an entire page for you! Here you can read up on how triple-vented Summit Breeze® technology is impacting those working around electricity.

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Download the Summit Breeze® PDF

Get additional information about Summit Breeze® by downloading our product pdf. This option allows you to send to a printable document to others in the office so they can check it out, too!


Option 2 / Get in Touch With an MCR Safety Representative

Yes, we live in the digital age, and the use of artificial intelligence is growing. However, some of us still like the idea of a good old-fashioned conversation with a live person and not a robot. We hear you and we have representatives ready to speak with you and answer your questions. Here are some of the paths you can take to get in touch with MCR Safety.

Schedule a 360° Visit Around Summit Breeze®

MCR Safety is dedicated to keeping workplace facilities safe with exceptional performing PPE. One way we do that is by sending a dedicated local representative into your facility to map out every operation’s potential hazards so that you can determine the necessary PPE for your workforce. If you’d like one of our safety representatives to come out and assess your workplace, schedule a 360 visit today! We can also share sample products and match your size while we are there!

Schedule a 360° Visit
Have an MCR Safety Representative Contact You

Sometimes a good old-fashioned phone call makes the most sense. We have our entire customer service team and inside product professionals located in the U.S., and they are available from 8-5 Central Standard Time, M-F. You can reach them at 1-800-955-6887. Be sure to ask for MCR Safety’s dedicated internal FR product specialist, Warfield Williams. This is the best option for you if you want a real-life person to speak with first!

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Distribute /Rent / Wholesale MCR Safety's FR Clothing

An entrepreneurial spirit is alive and thriving in the U.S. today. For our distributor partners who need more information on stocking MCR Safety’s FR clothing lineup or for those looking to rent or wholesale MCR Safety's FR clothing, but you’re not yet set up, this is the option for you. Click here, and we'll be in touch.

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Option 3 / FRC Information

We know FR clothing information is important, especially when workers are up against flash fires, arc flash hazards, and flame hazards. Here are some pages with important information about FR clothing that can help you learn more about your options for FR protection.

FRC Online Catalog
MCR Safety’s FR Clothing

Visit MCR Safety's FRC Online Resources page. This is the best starting place for the user who wants all FR clothing information at their fingertips.

Explore FR Clothing
FRC Online Catalog
MCR Safety's FRC Online Catalog

We've assembled a powerful filtering system just for you. Do you need hi-vis FR clothing and an FR work shirt? Our online catalog offers you the ability to filter the exact type of product you are looking for, down to the SKU and specifications!

Expore FRC Online Catalog
Ask the Experts
MCR Safety's FRC Knowledge Center

We want you to be armed with FR safety information, not just a bunch of product information. It's a part of our commitment to keeping you protected! Our Knowledge Center page provides information about laundering, materials, standards, etc. and should address all of your questions regarding FR safety.

Explore FRC Knowledge Center

Option 4 / Online Sales

The internet has revolutionized the way we purchase products today! However, it often means buying based on pictures and images on the screen. We want you to have easy access to trial products so that you can see, feel, and test them for yourself.

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“Helping Hands” - Expedite a Product Trial

We believe so strongly in FR products powered by Summit Breeze® that we are offering free shipping* and 30-day money-back guarantee! This is the option for you if you want to purchase an item directly from our Buy & Try page. We will get the product sent out quickly and then a distributor will quote future orders. To take advantage of this offer, enter code "Breeze" for free shipping*.

*Free shipping on Helping Hands orders is a one-time offer for the initial order only. Secondary orders will be routed to your preferred distributor.

Buy & Try
Have a Local Distributor Quote Rental or Purchase Costs?

700+ nationwide distributors are stocking MCR Safety products. We've set up an easy program for distributors to get you PPE quickly and with no hassle! Our distributors can process the same expedited Helping Hands order as MCR Safety itself. This option allows you to select your preferred distributor and we’ll let them know that you are interested in purchasing MCR Safety FR clothing through them.

*Free shipping on helping hand orders is a one-time offer for the initial order only.

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Thank you again for your interest in MCR Safety's FR Clothing lineup.

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