Cold Environment Insulation

When it comes to knowing which gloves you should wear during the cold winter days, or an extreme environment, we've got the answers.
We have broken up our insulated gloves into three levels: Temperate, Moderate, and Extreme.

For the coldest of winter conditions, be sure to use extreme insulated gloves made with the most advanced technologies, like the 904's ThermoSock® lining or the 6714FF's Foam and Polar Fleece lining.

MCR Safety's ThermoSock® Lining offers extreme temperature protection via multi-layer technology combined with using your own body heat to warm the cool air before it reaches your skin.

MCR Safety ThermoSock trademarked Technical Diagram

Here are some of the many glove linings you may come across for keeping you warm:

  • Red Fleece (Jersey) - Cotton or cotton blended; Brushed for softness and thermal properties
  • Pile (Boa Pile) - Cotton or blend; Soft; Used in a variety of clothing products
  • Foam - Creates an air barrier protection; Lightweight; Provides a “cushioning” effect
  • ThermoSock® - High loft matte fiber
  • Thermal - Commonly made with cotton; Specially sewn to create air pockets for natural insulation
  • Wool - Nature’s best; Beware of imitations; Great for wet applications, dries quickly
  • Cotton/String Knit Liners - Brushed acrylic micro-terry; Acrylic/ cotton/poly; 100% Acrylic
  • 100% Thermastat™ - Hollow-core hydrophobic fiber; Greater thermal insulation; Fast evaporation rate; FDA Compliant
  • Thinsulate™ - Light and warm synthetic insulation

These liners go beyond just keeping you warm during cold winter months. Welders need a multitude of lining materials, offering varying levels of comfort and heat protection. Wool and ThermoSock® provide the best insulating properties for Welding, with foam and pile linings not far behind. Jersey linings are provide a moderate amount of protection from heat at the most economical price.

Protecting your hands is only one part to staying warm; you also need insulated garments! Our most recent innovation is the Vortex, VT38JH and VT38BP, keeping you warm in temperatures as low as -27° F.

It’s made with:

  • Double insulated construction
  • Permanent polyester quilted liner
  • Zip out fleece liner

The PK5B is another extreme climate offering, which is also made with Max Comfort FR material. From gloves, rainsuits, welding gear and FR gear; MCR Safety is your go to place for work gear during frigid winter months.

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Latest Products that Feature Insulation

Whether you are working in cold environments or handling material that is cold to touch, wearing properly insulated protective gear is the best way to help guarantee that safety is achieved.    Our Ninja ICE is one of our most popular insulated gloves, due to it’s HPT coating’s ability to repel water!  As one user said, “These gloves keep your hands dry while working and provide excellent dexterity at the same time”.   Another user said, “I love this glove for warmth, fit, dexterity”!   No matter what your winter gear need is, cold storage, commercial fishing, or outdoor winter use, we have got you covered.