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Classic Work Shirts
Our standard FR work shirts have an extended back tail, great for helping to keep your shirt tucked into your pants and...
Hi-Vis Work Shirts
Most job sites involve moving vehicles, which means workers need to stand out to help avoid accident or injury. A hi-vis...
Summit Breeze® Work Shirts
Yep, work FR shirts powered by Summit Breeze® Technology are some of the most comfortable work shirts you'll find on the...

All FR Work Shirts

For those interested in seeing all FR work shirts in one spot, the below provides users with a birds-eye view of all the coverall options available. Here is a snapshot of all FR work shirts we offer:

5.5 oz. Ripstop Inherent-Blend

Powered by
Summit Breeze®

All inherent-blend styles have rip-stop material and double-needle stitching for added durability. After working for a while and bending, twisting, sweating and squatting, you’ll be glad you selected a rip-stop material.

SBS1001 - Gray
SBS1002 - Navy
SBS1003 - Tan

6.5 oz. 88% Cotton / 12% Nylon Classic


Hazard Risk Category

CAT Rating 2 (CAT2) - Minimum Arc Rating of 8.0 cal/cm2
S1G - Gray
S1N - Navy
S1T - Tan

Start discovering MCR Safety’s collection of FR work shirts above and join the FR revolution taking place with Summit Breeze® technology!  No other FR work shirt provides the same amount of cooling properties and advanced FR protection as one powered with Summit Breeze® technology.


The Safest FR Clothing in the World! Summit Breeze® Flame Resistant (FR) Shirt Gray 5.5-ounce...


The Safest FR Clothing in the World! Summit Breeze® Flame Resistant (FR) Shirt Navy 5.5-ounce...


The Safest FR Clothing in the World! Summit Breeze® Flame Resistant (FR) Shirt Tan 5.5-ounce...


Summit Breeze ® Flame Resistant (FR) Shirt Gray 7-ounce 100 % Cotton Material Long Sleeve Shirt...


Summit Breeze® Flame Resistant (FR) Shirt Navy 7-ounce 100% Cotton Material Long Sleeve with...


Flame Resistant (FR) Work Shirt Max Comfort™ Material 100% Cotton, Gray


Flame Resistant (FR) Work Shirt Max Comfort™ Material 100% Cotton, Navy


Flame Resistant (FR) Work Shirt Max Comfort™ Material 100% Cotton, Tan

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