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Have you ever heard of someone by the name of Benjamin Franklin?  He is known for inventions like the lightening rod, the Declaration of Independence and a handful of wise sayings.  For safety professionals though, his bifocal invention is his most noteworthy accomplishment and lives on with us today in the form of magnified protective eyewear.  MCR Safety’s magnifiers are made with impact protection, designed to stop a steel ball going 150 feet per second!  In addition, they enhance workers overall vision and allow one to see the fine print!
MCR Safety Magnifiers on worker with hard hat

A worker exposed to hazards must wear safety glasses all the time, not some of the time.  This includes even when one is challenged seeing small objects during close-up work!  Examples include working around small parts, precision cutting, maintenance work, shopwork and just reading the fine print.

MCR Safety offers protective eyewear equipped with magnification, allowing one to see the smallest details and still keep their eyes safe!  Diopter strengths are available in 1.0, 1.5, 2.0, and 2.5.

Here is a chart for best determining the strength you need:

Determine Your Magnifier Diopter Strength

Determine the smallest text that you can read without glasses, with some difficulty, from a distance of 14 inches (average reading distance). Diopter
We are MCR Safety... Just Try To Outwork Us! +2.5
We are MCR Safety... Just Try To Outwork Us! +2.0
We are MCR Safety... Just Try To Outwork Us! +1.5
We are MCR Safety... Just Try To Outwork Us! +1.0

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It's easy to lose sight of even the simplest tasks. Impaired vision can lead to costly downtime or accidents. That's why our safety glasses are built with magnifying lenses that exceed ANSI Z87+ standards. Plus, all of our magnifying glasses feature Duramass® scratch resistant coating and 99.9% UV protection