Ninja Gloves

Core Features


Actifresh® is an antimicrobial agent that kills bacteria and promotes freshness, extending the life of the glove.


Combing polymers leverages the strength of each individual polymer to create a stronger barrier of protection. The strength of nitrile combined with polyurethane’s (PU’s) tactility creates one tough glove without sacrificing sense-of-touch.

 N9676G s 

Breathable Nitrile Foam (BNF)  

This material provides greater comfort and longer wear due to its excellent breathability which allows the glove to better dissipate body heat.

Impact and Chemical Resistance  

Our first ever impact- and liquid-resistant glove is a Ninja® product.

Hydropellent™ Technology (HPT)  

This PVC-based coating repels water, making it perfect for wet and winter conditions!

Featherweight PU  

Our lightest weight glove is found in our Ninja® series. It weighs in as 30% lighter compared to standard PU gloves.


We reinforce critical wear areas, including the thumb crotch.


Individually Packaged  

This packaging approach means you’ll be able to find these gloves everywhere, from vending machines to industrial showrooms.

Ninja Gloves Support Sustainability  

We are helping to reduce our carbon footprint and waste impact on the world.


Gripping Power  

Nitrile BNF provides superior grip! Don’t believe us? Check out the video below that showcases Nitrile BNF's greater grip versus the other guys.

Here is a general breakdown of polymers commonly used for gripping in various working conditions and their grip scores:

Oil Acids Water Abrasion Dry
Max Grid Fabric 5 1 5 4 5
Nitrile 4 4 4 4 4
PU 1 1 4 3 4
Latex 0 1 5 5 5
PVC 3 3 3 3 3
Neoprene 5 4 4 2 4
The higher the score, the better the grip

MCR Safety Ninja® Glove Styles


General Purpose

Not all workplace applications require cut-resistance. However, workers still need solid protection from many everyday environments. In total, there were over 143,000 hand injuries in 2015, and many of these could have been prevented with proper hand protection.

General purpose Ninja® gloves provide protection from the all-too-common abrasion injury and offer excellent dexterity with their form-fitting style! From gardening to construction work to manufacturing assembly work, Ninja® gloves protect the hands of countless people every day!

Below is a breakdown of the Ninja® glove styles MCR Safety offers.

Ninja® Flex Glove Latex Coated

Excellent wet and dry grip, made with FDA compliant material.

The elasticity and flexible nature of latex provides remarkable gripping power. Our Ninja® crinkle-dipped latex glove provides excellent grip and is coated on a super lightweight 15-gauge nylon shell.

Industry Applications
  • Handling construction site materials
  • Gripping boxes
  • Gripping tools
“Nice grip helps lift 10lb boxes with one hand...”

Ninja® Glove PU/Nitrile Coated

The Strength of Nitrile Combined With PU's Tactility

Looking for the perfect balance between PU and nitrile? We admit, some applications require a little more strength than the standard PU coating provides. At MCR Safety, we’ve got you covered with our bi-polymer coatings!

Industry Applications
  • Assembly
“These gloves are exactly what I was looking for. They are lightweight, but with the polyurethane palms and fingers they are also very durable.”

Ninja® Lite Glove Featherweight PU Coated

 N9696 3 electronic   
Extreme tactile sensitivity for a bare-handed feel

Polyurethane is an incredibly resilient, flexible, and durable polymer. Users will find astonishingly sensitive sense of touch along with high abrasion resistance when utilizing a PU dipped glove. Combine the PU coating with an 18-gauge shell and you’ve got one lightweight, abrasion-resistant glove. The N9696 Ninja® Lite is a featherweight PU option many utilize for all-day comfort and precise grip. This glove is approximately 30% lighter than traditional nylon/polyurethane gloves and provides unparalleled tactile sensitivity.

Here is a breakdown of the different gauges, just so you know how 18-gauge compares to the others:

  • 18-gauge   

    Eighteen stitches knitted per inch, featherweight styles 

  • 15-gauge   

    Fifteen stitches knitted per inch, ultra-lightweight styles

  • 13-gauge  

    Thirteen stitches knitted per inch, lightweight styles

  • 10-gauge 

    Ten stitches knitted per inch, medium-weight styles

  • 7-gauge

    Seven stitches knitted per inch, heavy-weight styles

Industry Applications
  • Intricate assembly
  • Small parts handling
“These are my favorite gloves! As an electrician, I have to have dexterity in my fingers. These gloves are great - thin but strong.”

Ninja® BNF Glove Breathable Nitrile Foam (BNF)

Breathable Material
NF technology provides greater comfort due to its excellent breathability by dissipating body heat. Your body naturally cools itself down, why should your gloves not do the same thing?
Oil Resistance
The nitrile coating resists water, oils, and other chemicals, making it great for gripping in a multitude of environments.
Abrasion Resistance

An abrasion-resistant glove is extremely important for safety, comfort, and longevity. Our Ninja® BNF has exceptional abrasion resistance and unparalleled grip performance. Internal testing shows BNF offers 30% better abrasion resistance than standard nitrile.

Here is a look at some abrasion testing we conducted on our Ninja®  BNF coating:

Competitor at 2,000 cycles

BNF at 2,000 cycles

BNF at 5,700 Cycles

BNF overall visual aid

The more cycles, the more abrasion resistance has occurred. At 5,700 cycles, BNF holds up better than a competitor’s option at 2,000 cycles. You can see how seriously we take protecting people’s hands by our rigorous and thorough product testing. This is important because the longer a glove’s coating stays intact, the longer the wearer will be able to safely grip without replacing the glove.

Industry Applications
  • Outdoor summer work
  • Hot warehouses

Ninja® BNF Glove 18G Featherweight BNF

 N96970 1 s   

Excellent tactile sensitivity, combined with excellent longevity and abrasian resistance

As we point out in the following blog, workers won’t wear gloves that make their jobs harder. This is especially true if they can’t easily feel what they’re touching. When dexterity or sense of touch is compromised, the gloves are coming off - literally. At MCR Safety, we believe that the only way to foster better PPE habits is to provide better PPE equipment. With MCR Safety’s 18G Featherweight BNF gloves, users will want to wear their glove all-day long due to the glove’s breathable comfort. Here are the 18-gauge BNF styles we offer:

N96783’s 3/4 Dip Coating Utilizing BNF

N96785’s Double-Dip Coating Utilizing BNF

Ninja® BNF Glove 15G BNF

 N96790 L822 s   

Ultralightweight breathable glove, with excellent abrasian resistance and great dexterity

Our 15G lineup of Ninja® BNF is our most popular! It strikes the perfect balance between the 18-gauge and 13-gauge gloves. You will find this lineup of gloves worn by workers in virtually every industry due to their comfortable lining and breathable coating. Here are the 15-gauge BNF styles we offer:

“Great gloves that have been used for hauling tree limbs, concrete, rocks, and much more!”

Ninja® HPT Glove Non-Insulated


Super thin oil repellant coating

Our HPT Ninja® styles, are designed for winter conditions. However, Mother Nature can quickly turn sunny conditions into rainy ones in no time, especially during summer months. For this reason, the level of water resistance a glove offers should be a buying factor for those working around wet objects or in damp conditions and want to keep their hands safe and dry. Check out below the specs to our HPT style:

Product Attributes
  • Ultra-lightweight shell
  • Water-repellant coating
  • Oil-resistant
Industry Applications
  • Handling wet materials

Ninja® Winter Gloves




Gloves Designed for the Coldest Winter Months

When working outside during the winter months, cold hands can be problematic. Not only can cold, stiff hands be hazardous to one’s own personal safety, they can also slow workers down. Worker performance during the challenging winter season requires high-quality PPE solutions. This is where our Ninja® winter gloves enter the picture.  Watch the short Ninja® Ice glove video below to learn more!


Ninja Ice Video Cover


Ninja® ICE Gloves

Acrylic-Lined with Hydropellant Technology (HPT)

Provides users with a water repellant coating

Our HPT coating creates encapsulated air molecules, which repel liquids for an unprecedented firm grip, either wet or dry. Weather conditions can change quickly and for this reason, a glove’s level of water resistance should be a buying factor for those working around wet objects and for keeping hands dry in damp work environments. Here are the Ninja® ICE® glove styles we offer:

Industry Applications
  • Airports
  • Cold weather
  • Commercial fishing
  • Outdoor winter construction
  • Cooler and freezer work
  • Product distribution


“Overall a good product for those seeking warmth in the cold and the ability to still use your fingers. The best glove I've found for cold, wet conditions.”

Hi-Vis Ninja® ICE Gloves

Acrylic-Lined with Hydropellant Technology (HPT)

Bright colors allow for worker recognition

When it’s a cloudy, snowy day, visibility can be a challenge and noticing workers can be difficult. Any extra detection opportunity can mean the difference between an injury and someone going home unharmed. Here are the Hi-Vis Ninja® ICE® glove styles we offer:


N9690FCO Orange Hi-Vis Color

 N9690HV BPCL3L  s   

N9690HV keeping a worker’s hands warm at work

Ninja® Impact Protection Gloves

Impact, Waterproof and Oil Resistant Work Gloves

These gloves provide users with TPR impact level 1 protection along with chemical, liquid, and oil protection.


Many objects may bump up against a worker’s hands during maintenance and industrial activities. Impact protection is a worker’s best friend. It doesn’t hurt having some chemical protection, too! Check out below the specs to our Ninja® Alchemy impact glove.

Product Attributes
  • PVC double-coated
  • Soft, spongy TPR on back of the hand
  • 14" gauntlet cuff
  • Sandy finish
  • Oil resistant

N2658HVO protects countless workers across the oil and gas industry

Industry Applications
  • Maintenance
  • Refinery turnarounds
  • Chemical manufacturing


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