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Common Engine Manufacturing Hazards

Find the right MCR Safety product that protects you against these common hazards.

Abrasive Handling

Working around abrasive sand during casting, handling additives and assembling metal parts onto engines requires only the best abrasion resistant gloves.  We make them form fitting to your hands, so you can efficiently assemble engine parts too!

Arm Injuries

Metal is all over an engine, which requires a worker’s arm protected at all times.  We manufacture a wide range of cut resistant sleeves to keep your arms protected, including a new A9 cut-resistant sleeve.

Cut and Oily Objects

Workers insert and place numerous lubricated parts to the engine.   If not careful, parts can easily slip due to oils.  We manufacture cut protection gloves designed for these oily applications.

Cut and Sense of Touch

Engine assemblers need to feel the components making up engines.  Yet, at the same time, they need cut protection when working around metal, such as drilling holes in metal parts.  We make some featherweight cut-resistant options you should consider wearing.

Cut and Sharp Objects

Casting flash, excess material that needs to be removed, and sharp edges on castings and dies are just a couple reasons workers need cut protection in this industry.  Workers also need to be protected when handling knives, files, and pliers.

Heavy Parts and Tools

There some heavy parts that make up a completed engine.  If you know your back up hand is going to get banged up, consider our cut and back-of-hand PPE styles.  Wearing gloves with 360-degree protection makes a lot of sense. 

Impaired Vision

Workers grind away excess metal found on the engine, meaning face shields, and safety glasses are definitely required at work.  Plus, whenever hot molten metal is around during die casting, machine operators need eye protection.  Furthermore, assemblers need protection from flying projectiles.    

Sense of Touch

Assembling engines together into a functioning unit involve many components.  Some workers only need general purpose protection, made with a PU dip that allows ultimate dexterity and feel.


We now manufacture a Cut A9 apron for workers concerned with any hazards faced that may cut their front torso area.  With hot metal found all across engine manufacturing, some workers may benefit from this advanced protection.   It’s also rated ANSI 5 for contact heat!

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