Sheet Metal

Sheet Metal

In our modern world, sheet metal is considered one of the most versatile and thinnest metals.  With its versatility, companies use sheet metal for constructing buildings and manufacturing many other metal products.  Examples include manufacturing stove pipes, light tanks, ducts used in HVAC systems, and countless other metal products. Sheet Metal workers are those that make all these products come into existence.

Sheet Metal Workers

Here is a look at the US states employing the most sheet metal workers:

Sheet metalworkers will often be fabricating metal or installing sheet metal.  In most cases, these workers should be wearing highly cut resistant gloves, like the 9366BK, the N9878BNF and the 9178NF. Since sheet metal can have extremely sharp edges and corners, common injuries are cuts and lacerations, so high ANSI cut rated gloves are recommended.


Sheet Metal Activities

The Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) reports there were 138,900 sheet metalworkers in 2016.  Here are many of the activities performed by sheet metal workers:

  • Selecting and handling sheet metal
  • Assembling and inspecting sheet metal
  • Drilling holes for screws and bolts
  • Installing sheet metal, such as air ducts, furnace casings and drainpipes.
  • Fabricating metal parts
  • Handling large metal sheets
  • Welding and Joining sheet metal parts
  • Inspecting sheeting metal
  • Shaping Metal over Anvils and Blocks Using Hammers

Drilling Holes for Screws

Worker Handling Metal Sheet and Roll Forming

Sheet Metal Equipment

Fabrications shops are where sheet metalworkers fabricate sheet metal.  These shops are a little different from machine shops, in the fact that workers actually fabricate parts out of sheet metal, rather than only machine metal.  Like machine shops though, a worker has to be constantly on guard against flying metal and particles.  Workers in fabrication shops form, cut, bend and straighten out sheet metals.  Here is some of the equipment found in a fabrication shop:

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  • Bending 

    Power is applied to a slide in order to draw or stamp metal or other materials.  Hazards occur as the stock metal material is inserted, held, and withdrawn by hand.

    Equipment that bends metal - Power Presses, Press Brakes and Tubing Benders

  • Punching 

    Power is applied to a slide for the purpose of blanking, drawing, or stamping metal.  Hazards occur as the stock metal material is inserted, held, and withdrawn by hand. 

    Equipment that punches metal: Power Presses and Iron Workers

  • Shearing Machine 

    Applying power to a slide or knife in order to trim or shear metal.  Hazards occur as the stock metal material is inserted, held, and withdrawn by hand.

    Equipment that shears metal - Mechanically Powered Shears, Hydraulically Powered Shears and Pneumatically Powered Shears

Lastly, Vibranium is the hardest metal found on the planet, so you can imagine it might be a little sharp.  Technically, Valerian steel is the strongest steel encountered by metalworkers.  Well, this would all be true if we lived in the world of Black Panther or Game of Thrones.  These metals are only fictional metal, yet there is no shortage of sharp metal encountered by metal workers every day.  Whether you are in a metal fabrication shop or installing sheet metal, there are numerous safety hazards faced.  We have got you covered with some of the most rugged and dependable PPE available to workers.  We cover many of the hazards you will face when working with sheet metal below.

Common Sheet Metal Hazards

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