Specialty Leather Work Gloves

Webster’s definition for specialty is a distinctive mark or a quality of special class of objects. As we highlighted on our main Leather Work Gloves page, there are only two types of leather glove textures: grain leather gloves or split leather gloves. However, there is a host of particular leather glove types within each category. We’ve developed one page that highlights all the special leather gloves MCR Safety manufactures:

Black Leather Work Gloves

As we highlight in our article, “ Our Best Black Gloves, ” black is the color of choice for many of our customers. Why is there so much demand for black leather gloves? It often comes down to the fact that black work gloves hide dirt. Thankfully for our customers, we supply over 50 types of gloves with some amount of black on them! And, yes, we even carry black leather work gloves!

Black Leather Closeup MCR 950 Glove

Here are some of the black leather gloves we offer:

As we continue adding more and more of the best glove features available, rest assured that our black glove lineup will be included in those upgrades.

Bulk Leather Work Gloves

Are you looking to purchase bulk leather work gloves at a reduced price? Well, we may have a solution for you. MCR Safety is always upgrading individual glove styles based on trends in the marketplace. This can lead to the excess stock of different leather glove styles.

All you need to do is leave us a comment, and we can get you the deal of a lifetime. Just remember, all of our transactions of this nature still funnel through our distributor partners. Here is one style in our lineup that is coming in with some amazing deals!

Bulk Purchase Image

If you are interested in learning about costs for bulk leather glove orders,
leave us a comment!

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High-Heat Thick Leather Work Gloves

MCR Safety offers a variety of leather work gloves that protect wearers from contact heat. As we highlight in our blog on ITC Heat Testing, leather gloves are ideal for high-heat environments.

High Heat icon

Here are some of the best ones we offer:

Our 4750 is known for being one thick leather glove, which is why it holds up so well to high heat. But don’t let the thickness of the leather scare you; it’s also known for being extremely comfortable to wear. MCR Safety offers you an easy-to-use tool to help you select the best safety gear. Just click on the image below and review hand protection by heat-resistance levels.

ANSI Conductive Heat Values

When you need information, you need it fast. Simply put, your life and your well-being are on the line. At MCR Safety, we do not mess around with getting you timely, quality information. If you require more information about the multiple levels of protection, our gloves offer, such as both cut- and heat-resistance, just click the link below the filter and find the best products for your needs.

Product Type Menu Image

Leather Tactical Gloves

Who uses leather tactical gloves? While they are most popular among police and military personnel, anyone looking for a nice pair of leather shooting gloves with a superb tactical design will appreciate our tactical leather gloves.

As we highlight in our “ Tactical Glove blog, ” many gloves come close to being titled a “Tactical Glove.” However, color plays a significant part in determining whether a glove is classified as tactical or not. Because they are often used by military and law enforcement personnel, tactical gloves tend to be offered in muted colors, including black, dark gray, “military 499” tan, dark green, or military-approved camouflage patterns. Also, because dexterity is so essential, police leather gloves identified as tactical gloves should be lightweight — bulky or all-leather gloves aren’t well suited for the types of jobs that require tactical gloves. Police need skin-tight leather gloves to perform their job safely.
Here is a recap of the core features of tactical gloves:

Tactical Icon
  • Comfortable
  • Excellent hand movement
  • High tactility and dexterity
  • Lightweight
  • Muted colors
  • Stretchable material
  • Snug fit

Check out our 962 and 963, made with synthetic leather in the palm. Be sure to notice the unique addition to the palms of both gloves.

Check out our 962 and 963, made with synthetic leather in the palm. Be sure to notice the unique addition to the palms of both gloves.

Leather Fingerless Work Gloves

There is nothing like the natural feel of one’s fingers when grasping parts and operating tools. Synthetic leather fingerless gloves offer excellent comfort levels compared to those where your fingers are fully encased in leather. When you need back-of-hand and palm protection, yet the freedom to complete any work task, you’ll want to check out our fingerless gloves.

PD1901 v1 s

There is nothing like the feel of a goatskin 4800 leather work glove that allows your fingers the freedom to touch parts directly. Here is a look at some of the top-selling leather fingerless gloves we offer:

As we point out at various places across our pages, customers often ask us – What are the best leather work gloves to buy? The answer for many is a leather fingerless glove that allows for the natural feel of one’s fingers. Our FT2902 are some of the best black leather fingerless gloves you’re going to find!

Long Leather Work Gloves

You may think we’re referring to welding gloves, as you’ll find most made with a gauntlet, and for the most part, we are talking about welding gloves. However, we’re also referring to long leather gloves that protect any worker needing extra protection on the job. Let’s face it: our hands serve an essential part of our day-to-day work; however, they represent only a small part of one’s body that requires protection.

Many workers need protection well up their arms to guard them against hazards like sparks and flames. When you need protection over your wrists and forearms, you’re going to need a gauntlet cuff, like those offered by our long leather work gloves.


MCR Safety’s MU3644 is 5-inches long, one of our longest leather work gloves. Also, this brown leather glove is double-stitched with DuPont Kevlar, making it one of the most durable leather work gloves available.

Elbow-Length Leather Gloves

Looking for something a little longer? How about one that is 8-inches long? Check out the Big Jake® glove with 8-inch arm protection.

Our 1746 leather work gloves are made with heavy-duty leather all the way up the arm. While standard length is 8-inches since we manufacture our leather gloves in directly-owned factories, you tell us how long you need it, and we can make it!


How about 10”?  Check out the 4892, with its 10” cow leather cuff with Adjustable flame-resistant strap.

Leather Work Gloves Made in the USA

Domestic manufacturing increases the cost of almost any product, especially leather work gloves.  However, MCR Safety does still manufacture a small selection of leather gloves in our U.S factories. Yet, the cost does considerably rise due to higher labor costs in the U.S.  As we highlight on our Leather Manufacturing page, making leather gloves is extremely labor-intensive, which means you can expect to pay more for gloves made in the USA.

Currently, MCR Safety’s leather manufacturing is reserved for our sister company, Shelby Fire. Fire-fighting equipment is manufactured for the most extreme conditions, which requires a need for domestic manufacturing. With this said, if you’re interested in leather work gloves made in the USA, please leave us a comment here, and we will provide pricing and availability.

Made in the USA

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Mesh Back Gloves

When the weather reaches its hottest temperatures, wearing leather work gloves sounds like torture. Not to worry – MCR Safety has the leather glove for warm weather. Our mesh-backed leather work gloves allow airflow to move through the glove, providing wearers with a much cooler option!

Made in the USA

Anyone looking for the best leather gloves in the summer should try out a leather glove with a mesh back!

Personalized Leather Work Gloves

When you buy a nice pair of leather work gloves, you plan on those gloves remaining yours over the course of a day’s work. One way to ensure that happens is by personalizing your gloves with your name or initials. We have traditionally added this feature to our leather mechanics gloves, but have recently expanded the options. Here are the leather work gloves we offer that feature personalization:

Personalized Leather Work Gloves

Touch Screen Leather Work Gloves

Do leather gloves work on touch screens? Yes, if they’re engineered with additional facets that allow for touch screen functionality. The demand for touch screen gloves has been on the rise during the 21st century. Some factors affecting this demand are:

  • Increased use of touch screens on the job, such as with iPads
  • Smartphones used for phone calls
  • Answering both job-related and personal text messages on smartphones
Shadow Grass Blades Touch Screen Icon
Shadow Grass Blades Options
MO100 and MO200 are touchscreen-friendly and feature the
popular Mossy Oak Shadow Grass® Blades® camo pattern.

Most modern touch screens use capacitive sensing to pick up the touch. This technology is based on a glass insulator coated with a transparent conductor. When a finger—which is conductive—touches the screen, the capacitance changes, and the screen’s circuitry not only picks up this change but also can zero in on the exact location of the touch on the screen. That information is then used to activate an app, use a keyboard, respond to a phone call, etc.

Here are the top-selling touch screen leather work gloves MCR Safety offers:

Leather touch screen gloves are designed to be used with electronics. Combine this feature with the premier look of shadow grass, and you’ve got yourself one of the best leather work gloves available.

Windproof and Waterproof Leather Gloves

Do you sometimes find yourself working in the rain, around water, or in the wind? Wet and windy environments are a major concern for those who work in outdoor locations, such as Rochester, Minnesota or Boston, Massachusetts. Wind speeds can reach an average of 12.6 mph in Rochester and 12.3 mph in Boston. Winter work in certain parts of the country requires an inner waterproof membrane to ensure a worker’s hands stay dry! Without that extra inner liner, wind can strip away all that warm air that has built up in the glove. Rest assured, MCR Safety makes a handful of waterproof winter work gloves made with leather. The added liner also keeps cold, wet moisture away from hands, ensuring greater heat retention.

Here are MCR Safety’s best waterproof leather work gloves:

Water proof icon

Our MU3644 is made with goatskin, which provides excellent water-resistance. Combine that with an inner liner, and you’ve got one of the best leather gloves for use around water.

Oil Resistant Leather Work Gloves

MCR Safety makes a lineup of leather gloves that have a special treatment applied to the leather during the tanning process. This is an important note, as the treatment will not wear away after days of work. It is built into the hide itself after the tanning process is completed.

Water resistant icon Oil Resistant Icon

36336K s

Women's Leather Work Gloves

Women now make up nearly half of the U.S. labor force at 46.8 percent. Their PPE needs are different, and at MCR Safety, we know how challenging it can be to find smaller sized leather gloves. This is why we’ve built sizing directly into our online leather glove catalog. However, we want to make it even easier for you. Just click the sizing image below, and it will show you all the smaller leather glove sizes we offer.

Size medium icon Size small icon Size XS icon

Please leave us feedback here if there is a specific woman's leather work glove you need.

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Customized Logo on Leather Gloves

What makes a premium pair of leather work gloves even better? A leather work glove that is personalized with a company’s specific logo. Personalized PPE is excellent for many reasons, but here are the top ones:

  • Increase brand awareness
  • Foster customer goodwill
  • Generate marketing collateral for companies
  • Recognize employees for following correct safety procedures
Customized logo on leather gloves

White Leather Gloves

We get many requests for specific glove colors. White leather is a top request, which often means selecting goatskin leather gloves.

4909 Glove

One of our most popular styles is our Red Ram series, shown above. It is known for being a skin-tight leather glove. Here are some other popular white leather gloves:

Blue Leather Gloves

Most users think of welding gloves when they want blue leather gloves.  We make welding gloves in a wide array of colors. However, blue has become a color identifier for welding. Here are some options:

Blue Beast leather Gloves

Nothing beats a Welda-Beast blue leather glove! It’s made with some of the thickest, high-quality leather on the market.

Vending Packed Leather Gloves

Vending PPE solutions have taken off in the 21st century. We responded early on and have many prewrapped glove styles inventoried and available. 

Vending packed gloves image
Vending solutions help customers reduce waste. Let's get you the inventory you need for well-stocked machines.
Packaging Vending Image
You can locate all our vend-packed gloves in our online catalog by clicking the image above.

Wool-Lined Leather Gloves

Wool is known for being one of the best natural insulators to use in gloves. Here are all the leather gloves MCR Safety makes with a wool lining:

49653 Liner

Are you ready to stay warm? A wool-lined leather glove is one of the warmest leather gloves available.

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