Winter Leather Work Gloves

Winter Leather Drivers

Leather driver gloves are thinner, offer better dexterity, and allow increased hand movement. These attributes come in handy when you start adding in extra liners for insulation.

Winter doesn’t play around, and neither do we. The last thing you want to do is find yourself in cold winter conditions wearing the incorrect glove. So, we break down each winter lined leather driver style below by hide.

Cowhide Winter Lined Leather Driver Gloves

Cowhide is an excellent choice any time you require abrasion-resistance and long-lasting durability. In this section, we’re highlighting those cowhide leather gloves that come lined with winter linings designed to keep you warm during the cold winter months.

Before we highlight the products, here is a quick rundown of cowhide leather’s benefits:

  • Excellent abrasion-resistance
  • Excellent heat-resistance
  • Highly durable and long-wearing
  • Best puncture-resistance
  • Good flexibility
  • Mid-level price point for users
  • Insulates better than goatskin or pigskin

Downsides: limited moisture-resistance, longer break-in period when compared to goatskin or deerskin

We know you’re concerned about quality, as it determines the length of wear. So, here’s a listing of our leather glove options from the more budget-friendly styles to our more premium cowhide leather work gloves.

Goatskin Winter Lined Leather Driver Gloves

When you wear goatskin, you experience the ultra-thin feel, along with the natural lanolin that softens one’s skin. Here is a quick rundown of goatskin’s benefits:

  • Excellent flexibility and tactile sensitivity 
  • Provides users with the best tensile strength
  • Supple because of natural lanolin, keeping your hands soft
  • Best water-resistance properties of all leather hides
  • Good abrasion- and puncture-resistance
  • Offered at mid-price point levels for users

Downsides: limited insulation capability

You’re probably reading the downside remark and are wondering why we have winter lined goatskin gloves. They don’t make up a large offering. However, there are those who prefer goatskin in the winter months. For that reason, the leather work glove must be lined.

Hi-Vis Winter Lined Goatskin Gloves

Yes, as we’ve mentioned, goatskin has limited insulation capability. However, when you line it with our extremely warm Thermosock lining, that’s an entirely different story.

TPR Winter Lined Goatskin Gloves

Cold environments can cause problems for hands. Banged up hands in cold climates add misery and can result in expensive medical bills. So, we left no stone unturned with the features found in this style. A Thinsulate™ lining with Kevlar stitching and TPR protection gives your hands the comfort and winter protection they deserve.

Pigskin Winter Lined Leather Drivers Gloves

Yes, pigskin gloves are ideal around wet conditions. However, when it’s wet and cold, that’s a whole new ballgame. You’re going to want to stay warm, which means you need a thermal lining. Before we cover some of the thermal leather work gloves styles we offer, here is a quick rundown of the benefits of pigskin leather:

  • Offers the best abrasion-resistance and is known for its resilience and holding up well to rough surfaces
  • Excellent in wet conditions; quick-drying and leather remains soft
  • Offers the best breathability
  • Stays pliable and flexible with wear
  • Excellent price point for a leather work glove

Downsides: limited insulation capability; lowest tensile strength

1165 is a popular selling winter glove

We know you’re concerned about quality, as it determines the length of wear. So, here’s a listing of our leather glove options from the more budget-friendly styles to our more premium cowhide leather work gloves.

When your gloves get wet due to snow on the ground, you’ll be glad you went with a pigskin winter lined glove.

Hi-Vis Lined Pigskin

Stay seen and be warm in these hi-vis winter gloves.

Wool-Lined Pigskin

Wool is Nature’s best insulating material, sure to keep your hands warm all winter long.

Deerskin Winter Lined Leather Drivers Gloves

Deerskin is extremely soft to the touch, making it one of the best glove choices for someone seeking comfort. Do you know what else deerskin is good at providing? It’s one of the most insulated leather hides available, which makes it an ideal selection for adding a winter lining.

Just be aware that deerskin doesn’t come from commercially raised sources, as does other glove do. This means it is one of the more expensive leather gloves on the market.

Here is a quick rundown of the benefits of deerskin leather:

  • Incredibly soft feel provides all-day comfort
  • Excellent flexibility and tactile sensitivity
  • Excellent tensile strength
  • Excellent insulating properties for colder months
  • Good moisture-resistance
  • Deemed as the most luxurious leather used in work gloves

Downsides: limited abrasion- and puncture-resistance; higher price point for consumers

Elkskin Winter Lined Leather Gloves

Like its distant cousin, deerskin, elkskin leather work gloves are incredibly soft and comfortable to wear. Plus, because the hide is thicker than deerskin, it insulates better. The hide’s added thickness makes elkskin leather work gloves more durable, too. One of our most requested elkskin gloves is one with a foam-lined option. Both are classified as welding gloves; however, they are excellent gloves for use during winter months.

Like deerskin gloves, be aware that elkskin leather work gloves don’t come from commercially-raised sources. This means they are one of the more expensive leather gloves on the market.

Foam Inner Lining

A foam lining provides excellent thermal properties and contact heat-resistance.

Winter Thinsulate-Lined Synthetic Leather Gloves

Thinsulate Lining in Glove

Everyone loves a nice pair of Thinsulate-lined leather gloves! We’ve designed a variety of winter gloves that provide the perfect balance of protection and warmth by utilizing Thinsulate™ material. Here is some style we offer:

We break down our options into moderate Thinsulate™ leather glove options and extreme Thinsulate™ leather glove options. Our extreme version features double the amount of Thinsulate™, making it ideal for anyone living or working in the coldest areas. You’ll know which one is which, as we put the wording directly on the glove.

We’ve now covered all our winter leather driver styles. Let us move on to our winter leather palm work gloves.

Winter Leather Palm Work Gloves

When the temperature drops, choosing a leather palm work glove lined with insulation is critical.

We break down each hide’s winter lining options below. For a description of each hide’s properties, refer back to the lined driver section above. You can also visit our Leather Knowledge Center for additional details on each specific leather hide.

Winter Lined Cowhide Leather Palm Gloves

We’ve got you covered here, as we make all three leather grades with a winter lining.

Winter Lined Synthetic Leather Palm Gloves

Nobody likes to have their hands restricted due to a large inner liner. Synthetic leather is warm and extremely tough, yet flexible, too.

When the temperature drops, MCR Safety’s winter lined leather work gloves are engineered to keep you working comfortably outdoors, even in the harshest winter environments! Choose MCR Safety when staying warm is key!

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