MCR Safety is in the business of protecting people, it is what we do.  You have to look no further than on June 13, 2005, a day one man knows all too well and a day that validates why we even exist.   Michael R. Thompson, in his own words, “They did protect my eyes and SAVED my vision.”   Michael’s eyes were saved from an Arc Flash Accident because of wearing the dielectric Tremor eyewear, made with no metal parts.  We appreciate Michael for sharing his story!  We now have dielectric options in garments, gloves and glasses.

MCR Safety Dielectric PPE

MCR Safety manufactures dielectric PPE with non-conductive parts, making the product electrical shock resistant.  This feature protects wearers against hazards where they may potentially come into incidental contact with energized electrical circuits or parts.

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Dielectric PPE has the ability to transmit electric force without conduction.  There are essentially no metal parts found in this type product, a big deal for those working around electricity.