Welding Protection

Welding Glove Protection
Welders work in one of the roughest working environments, outdoors, around numerous hazards and face getting burned...
Welding Eyewear Protection
Welders demand high quality welding shades, keeping their eyes injury free form hazards such as burns and exposure to arc...
Welding Clothing Protection
MCR Safety manufacturers a full line of welding clothing, designed for the dangerous elements present in welding...
Welding Innovations and Product Enhancements
Welding Innovations and Product Enhancements

Be sure to check out our Metal Fabrication industry resource page for more insight into applications and hazards.

Additional Information about Welding Safety

Welding Focused Industry-Leading Technology

Learn more about the technologies that fuel the fire behind our industry leading protective gear!

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DuPont™ Kevlar®

DuPont™ Kevlar® is the ideal choice for applications requiring cut and heat, due to its ability to withstand extreme temperatures.

Fusing Metal Resources from Our Blog

Like fusing metal? Who doesn't right!? Check out our latest welding resources from our blog. You might just learn something new to keep you safe while you do your thing.

Importance of the Eye and Welding injuries
An Overview of Welding in Oil and Gas, from the Pipelines to Steel Platforms, and the PPE welders require
Welding Shirts: Triple-Vented FR Work Shirts

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Latest Products that Feature Welding Safety


Mustang Utility Leather Drivers Work Gloves Grain Goat with Double Palm DuPont™ Kevlar® Lined...


Mustang Utility Drivers Work Gloves Grain Goat with Double Palm DuPont™ Kevlar® Lined and Sewn...


MCR Safety Welding Premium Top Grain Goatskin Palm, Split Leather Back 2.5 Inch Split Leather...


MCR Safety Welding Premium Top Grain Goatskin Palm Split Leather Back Sewn with DuPont™...


MCR Safety Welding Premium Gold Grain Elkskin Leather Cotton / Foam Lined Back Sewn with DuPont™...


MCR Safety Welding Pearl Gray Grain Elkskin Cotton / Foam Lined Back Sewn with DuPont™ Kevlar®


Leather Drivers Cut Resistant Work Gloves Grain Goatskin Leather with Hypermax™ Liner TPR Back of...