MCR Safety Carbon Fiber


Double Matrix Duo-Coat Clear polycarbonate, 7"x 16.75"x .040", Anti-fog & Hard Coat


MCR Safety's headgear and faceshields offer superior protection from liquid splashes and flying debris that would otherwise be damaging to the face. An assortment of brackets and faceshield sizes and materials make it a good bet that you can find an option just right for you.
  • Double Matrix Duo-Coat
  • Hard Coated and Anti-Fog Coated
  • Clear Polycarbonate
  • 7" x16.75" x .040
  • Performance Standards

    ANSI Z87+


    Hydrophobic (repels water) anti-fog lens coating for protection from fogging in humid environments.

    ANSI Z87+

    High velocity impact safety glass test method is performed by shooting a 1/4" steel ball at a speed of 150 feet per second aimed at the center of the lens. The result is a Pass or Fail which determines that a lens must not chip, break, or crack and it must maintain its original position in the frame.

    Technical Specifications

    Scratch Resistant
    ANSI Z87+
    MCR Safety
    Standard Cardboard
    Case Dimensions
    16.142 x 8.268 x 5.906
    Case Pack
    Case Weight
    26.125 lb.
    Gross Weight
    MCR Safety Glasses are formerly known
    as Crews Safety Glasses.

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