360° Protection Program

MCR Safety 360 Protection Program

 Step 1 - Evaluate

Meet with key stakeholders to gain an understanding of the current state of safety within the site(s). Perform a shop-floor "safety walk" to observe PPE in action at the various job functions.

 Step 2 - Measure

Data will be collected regarding the type of injuries, costs and product lifecycle of current PPE being used.

 Step 3 - Analyze

Analyze data to provide best option(s) for injury elimination, improving longevity of safety gear, and documenting anticipated cost savings. Provide samples for testing and validate actual results versus expected results.

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 Step 4 - Execute

Implement the agreed upon PPE plan. Train on the benefits of new safety gear to increase user confidence, and perform fit evaluations to ensure proper sizing to maximize worker productivity. Confirm with distributor partner the rate of consumption to ensure proper levels of inventory are maintained, to ensure a seamless conversion.

 Step 5 - Protect

Success of the MCR Safety 360° Protection Program will better protect your people. We will perform follow up calls to confirm greater safety, productivity, and cost savings objectives remain in place.

MCR Safety MAX MCR Safety's mascot Max is an ever-vigilant protector with 360° of vision and always on guard for your safety. Our consumers recognize Max as an endorsement of hard working gear. Max represents the toughest, most reliable safety gear. Workers who wear our gloves, glasses, and garments refuse to be out-performed and so do we. People who work hard know that MCR Safety gear delivers.

MCR Safety 360 Protection Program Van Logo

If you would like to learn more about how MCR Safety can improve safety and deliver documented cost savings, please submit a request below or give us a call at 800-864-6350 to schedule a 360 evaluation at your site.

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