Mossy Oak® Shadow Grass® Blades®

MCR Safety and Mossy Oak teamed up to bring you Shadow Grass BLADES

MCR Safety® and Mossy Oak® Brand Camo have teamed up to bring you an amazing line up of Shadow Grass® Blades®.

Shadow Grass® Blades® features a precise arrangement of individual blades of grass, whether windblown, broken or bent, onto a background of thatch consisting of lesser or dead grass, to create the perfect pure grass pattern.

Carefully placed shadows from the main grass arranged atop the thatch, which incorporates light to dark spots as seen in nature, creates depth that gives Shadow Grass® Blades® a realistic 3D appearance.

Mossy Oak Focused Industry-Leading Technology

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D3O® technology delivers the highest performing impact protection to protect from hazards at work.
MCR Safety MAX36 Lens Coating


MAX36™ technology offers 6x greater Anti-Fog Protection and 3X better Anti-Scratch protection without sacrificing style and comfort.
MCR Safety MAX 6


MAX6™ technology offers 6x greater Anti-Fog Protection without sacrificing style and comfort.

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Combine MCR Safety's MAX6® & MAX36® lens coatings with Mossy Oak® patented design and you have one heck of a pair.  MCR Safety also combined the Mossy Oak® Shadow Grass Blades® design with D3O® impact protection to give you safety gloves at their finest.