Primary Metals

Primary Metals Sub-Industries

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Primary Metals

Common Primary Metals Hazards

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Abrasive Handling

Castings and grinding work during steel finishing requires abrasive protection. 

Chemicals and Liquids

 Skin irritation and skins burns from chemicals used during steelmaking and casting  involve many harmful substances (Irritants like acids and alkalis in steel).

Coolants, Greases Lubricants, and Oil

Industrial Maintenance workers work around machinery needing metalworking fluids.  With advanced LFT and BNF coatings, you will stay safe, comfortable and grip with ease!

Crush and Impact

There are a lot of moving machines and hand tools utilized in steel production.  Contact with objects is one of the most common events in this industry.   Make sure your back-of-hands stay injury free.


Coal handling, coke handling, foundry core making and machine cleaning involves a lot of dust.  Check out our lined protective eyewear styles.

 Dirt, Grime, and FR Protection

Max Comfort FR Gear is NFPA 70E and 2112 Certified!

Heat Stress

Breathable Nitrile Foam,  FLT gloves and Breathable Clothing are all designed to keep you cool and comfortable, enough said!

Hot Metal Splashes

6X greater Anti-Fog face shields are excellent for working around blast furnaces, slag draw-off and metal pouring.

Hot Metal Surfaces

OSHA shows Heat Burns as a top 5 injury in Steel Mills. Contact with hot metal is always a concern.

Impaired Vision

Eyewear hazards are everywhere in primary metals, from material handling,  to pouring and welding.  
MCR Safety 360 Protection Program

Lack of Safety Knowledge

The saying goes, "You don't know what you don't know". Let our 360 team help you know more abut PPE.

Material Handling

Handling metal materials and heavy loads can bang up ones hands.  You need highly abrasive and long lasting PPE.

Parts and Material Handling

The #1 source of injuries found in steel mills revolves around parts and materials.  Featherweight cut resistant gloves are necessary and a must have when handling parts.


A steel plant can be poorly lit in some areas. HiVis safety gear will keep you visible.

Sharp Objects and Edges

Die Setters, Extrude and Rolling Machine Operators know there is no messing around with metal.  The 3rd most cited injury in Steel Product Manufacturing results from cuts and punctures.  Our Cut Protection page will guide you into the best cut resistant glove.

Side Hazards

Side shields built onto 6X greater AF styles are ideal under those face shields.

Welding and Cuts

Tack welding involves potentials cuts to an individual’s hands.  With DuPont Kevlar lined products, your hands are protected with cut and heat resistance.

Primary Metals Focused Industry-Leading Protection

MCR Safety Alycore Logo


Alycore™ is one of the most ANSI Cut and puncture resistant materials available on the market, period.
MCR Safety Cut Hazard

Cut Protection

Cut hazards are everywhere in daily life. You can't afford to be using the wrong safety gear.


Dyneema® Diamond Technology fiber makes possible higher levels of cut protection with enhanced dexterity. Proof is in the numbers...


D3O® technology delivers the highest performing impact protection to protect from hazards at work.
Grippaz Dexterity to CE Level 5


Disposable gloves with Grippaz™ NitriShield® technology are engineered for maximum dexterity and toughness.
Pinch Hazard

Impact Protection

Protect your hands from falling objects and pinch points with MCR Safety's impact resistant technology.
MCR Safety Dupont Kevlar Logo

DuPont™ Kevlar®

DuPont™ Kevlar® is the ideal choice for applications requiring cut and heat, due to its ability to withstand extreme temperatures.

Eye Protection

From ANSI to military ballistic impact resistance, we offer an assortment of function and fashion. Assorted lens offerings as well as multiple frame sizes provide a style for both work and play.
MCR Safety Magnifiers

Magnifiers / Readers

MCR Safety Magnifiers enhance the wearer's overall vision. This technology allows one to see more precisely and closer to the fine print!
MCR Safety MAX 6


MAX6™ technology offers 6x greater Anti-Fog Protection without sacrificing style and comfort.


A polarized lens blocks out glare from above and reflected light from below.
MCR Safety Sealed Eyewear

Sealed Eyewear

Flying debris, dirt, dust and flying materials can impair your vision and cause hazards that can be avoided with the proper protection with sealed eyewear.

Thermo Plastic Rubber (TPR)

Superior back of hand protection, the "Forgotten Zone", with Thermo Plastic Rubber (TPR). Full flexibility and range of motion derived from rubber's elasticity.


Feeling cold? MCR Safety's line of insulated gear can protect you in extreme temperatures.
MCR Safety Waterproof Boots and Pants

Liquid Protection

Don't like getting wet? MCR Safety's got your covered, literally, with premium waterproof rain & liquid protection.

MCR Safety Logo Why MCR Safety Products? MCR Safety Logo

MCR Safety manufactures and supplies Personal Protective Equipment (PPE). Simply put, WE PROTECT PEOPLE!  We are known world-wide for our extensive product line depth surrounding gloves, glasses, and garments spanning across numerous industries.  We offer the total package of safety gear encompassing industrial gloves, safety glasses, protective garments, welding gear, industrial boots, Flame Resistant (FR) gear, face shields, and much more.  From a glove standpoint alone, MCR Safety manufacturers and supplies over 1,000 different style gloves. Here are some of the many reasons MCR Safety is your go to source for PPE:

  • Global PPE manufacturer, with operations stretching across 5 continents. 
  • Direct manufacturer of over 50% of all product, ensuring the highest level of quality. 
  • In conjunction with quality control measures resulting from direct manufacturing, our ITC Innovations Technology Center ensures another layer of testing glove quality. The ITC Lab is the only ISO 17025 accredited lab to perform ANSI/ISEA 105-2016 cut resistance, abrasion resistance, puncture resistance, and conductive heat resistance testing in North America. We offer no cost testing for users interested in knowing the quality level of current PPE being worn or for potential new products being considered.
  • Winner of multiple new product innovation awards, most recently being the DM3 eyewear
  • Dedicated 360° Safety Specialists ready for onsite PPE consultations.

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Research Disclaimer

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