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We stand by what we say, "We Protect People"! We are constantly research industry standards and best practices to keep you safe.
Here you can find guides and resources to help you get the most out of your job and safety.

Guides & Resources

MCR Safety Impact Glove Protection Buying Guide
You use your hands every day at work, which means they are at risk of injury. Let's breakdown the new ANSI / ISEA 138 Impact Standard. Are you ready?
Safety Professional Handbook

Get industry knowledge on finding the right PPE for your job and understanding safety standards like OSHA. Stay Safe!

Metal Fabrication Application Matrix

Find the appropriate PPE for specific hazards with a simple easy to follow guide.

Metalworking Buying Guide

See distinct sub-industries within metalworking and find recommended PPE to keep work safe.

Common Plant Injuries

Learn what the common injuries are around various industries.

Eyewear Buying Guide

Each year, more than 2.5 million eye injuries occur. Protect yourself by finding the right eye protection for the job.

A Manufacturer's Guide to OSHA Requirements
State of Construction in the U.S.
Top Construction-Related Work Injuries

Get the real stats! Learn what the top injuries are within the construction industry. Knowing is half the battle of keeping you safe.

Construction Glove Application Guide

We offer many different glove options for construction, as the needs vary widely across the industry. Learn which glove materials offer the best protection for your specific application.

Concrete Production Safety Gear Guide

As companies navigate the volatile, dynamic nature of concrete production, selecting the best quality safety gear to protect their workers is an ongoing challenge.

Construction and Concrete Glove Guide

Choosing the right gloves is a critical safety step. This is even more true for concrete workers.

Summer Construction and Concrete Guide

Get industry leading information for what products work best when dealing with concrete in the summer heat.

Evolution of the Concrete Industry

Have you ever wondered about the history concrete? Check out our timeline that includes: Key Dates, Fun Facts, & Important Advancements in Technology

5 Ways to Prevent Chemical Burns

Understanding the basics of chemical burn prevention is paramount to finding the right safety equipment for protecting concrete laborers against unnecessary injuries.

Construction Glove Application Guide
Manufacturing Glove Guide eBook