Swagger® SR1 Series
Black Safety Glasses with Indoor Outdoor Clear Mirror Lenses
UV-AF® Anti-Fog Coating
Soft Non-Slip Nose Piece and Temples

Bold wider temples and full frame design

Make a bold statement with this brash look. Thick, wide, sleek, low profile temples and a modern design gives you the look and protection that you desire. This eyewear offers an excellent oribtal seal and great comfort. The soft TPR material on the temples coupled with soft TPR nose grips ensures that the Swagger® SR1 is an excellent option for long time wear.  The UV-AF® Anti-Fog coated lenses are Eco-friendly and UV cured, providing 3 times greater Anti-Fog performance than generic Anti-Fog safety glasses. These high quality safety glasses have a lifetime frame warranty and are engineered to provide the highest level of innovation for consumers that demand the very best.  Choose the best safety glasses, choose MCR Safety!

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  • Exclusive UV-AF® Anti-Fog coating
  • Non-Slip co-injected soft temple material
  • Rugged polycarbonate lenses filter 99.9% of harmful U.V. rays
  • Soft secure TPR nose pad
  • Wider temples for better side protection
Lens ColorLens Coating Part No.
Amber Duramass Hard Coat SR114
Clear Duramass Anti-Fog SR140AF
Clear Duramass Hard Coat SR120
Clear Duramass Hard Coat SR130
Clear Duramass Hard Coat SR110
Gray Duramass Anti-Fog SR142AF
Gray UV-AF Anti-Fog SR122AF
Gray Duramass Hard Coat SR112
Gray Duramass Anti-Fog SR132AF
Blue Diamond Mirror Duramass Hard Coat SR148B
Blue Diamond Mirror Duramass Hard Coat SR128B
Blue Diamond Mirror Duramass Hard Coat SR118B
Fire Mirror Duramass Hard Coat SR13R
Fire Mirror Duramass Hard Coat SR11R
Fire Mirror Duramass Hard Coat SR14R
Silver Mirror Duramass Hard Coat SR127
Silver Mirror Duramass Hard Coat SR137
Silver Mirror Duramass Hard Coat SR117

Performance Standards


Lens Coating

Eco-friendly UV cured Anti-Fog coating with 3 times greater Anti-Fog performance than generic Anti-Fog safety glasses.


High velocity impact safety glass test method is performed by shooting a 1/4" steel ball at a speed of 150 feet per second aimed at the center of the lens. The result is a Pass or Fail which determines that a lens must not chip, break, or crack and it must maintain its original position in the frame.

Technical Specifications

Scratch Resistant


ISO 12312-1 Blue Light




Lens Color

I/O Clear Mirror

Primary Temple Color


Temple Type


Nosebridge Material


Secondary Temple Color


Primary Temple Material




Lens Coating

UV-AF Anti-Fog

Primary Frame Color


Primary Frame Material


Case Pack


Case Weight


Inner Packaging

Dozen Gravity Box



  • MCR Safety Glasses are formerly known
    as Crews Safety Glasses.

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