Summit Breeze® Flame Resistant (FR) Coverall
Gray 7-ounce Cotton Material
Long Sleeve Coverall with Vented Underarms and Back
1-Inch Silver Reflective Stripes, CAT 2

Patented Underarm and Back Vents, the ultimate solution for comfort, protection, and heat stress.

Wearer Chest SizeSizing Type Part No.
38 Tall SBC201138T
38 Regular SBC201138
40 Tall SBC201140T
40 Regular SBC201140
42 Tall SBC201142T
42 Regular SBC201142
44 Regular SBC201144
44 Tall SBC201144T
46 Tall SBC201146T
46 Regular SBC201146
48 Tall SBC201148T
48 Regular SBC201148
50 Regular SBC201150
50 Tall SBC201150T
52 Tall SBC201152T
52 Regular SBC201152
54 Regular SBC201154
54 Tall SBC201154T
56 Tall SBC201156T
56 Regular SBC201156
58 Tall SBC201158T
58 Regular SBC201158
60 Tall SBC201160T
60 Regular SBC201160
62 Regular SBC201162
62 Tall SBC201162T
64 Tall SBC201164T
64 Regular SBC201164
66 Tall SBC201166T
66 Regular SBC201166

Flammability Standard 2

Standard on Flame-Resistant Clothing for Protection of Industrial Personnel Against Short-Duration Thermal Exposures from Fire

Cape Vented

Garments with a cape vented back are constructed in such a way as to to allow air flow in and out of the garment, keeping the wearer cooler in warm environments.  The opening that allows air flow is covered by a protective flap, or cape, that prevents hazards from entering the garment.

Flammability Standard 1

Standard for Electrical Safety in the Workplace®

UL Certified

These items are Third Party Certified by UL, a world leader in product safety and testing certification.

ARC Risk Category

CAT Rating 2 (CAT2) - Minimum Arc Rating of 8.0 cal/cm2

Summit Breeze® Vented Garments

The world's safest FR Clothing powered by Summit Breeze®!


Patented Tripe Vent Design Reduces Heat Stress

Only MCR Safety FR Clothing, powered by Summit Breeze®
technology, directs a majority of gas away from the face,
significantly minimizing inhalation injury!  Watch the video on
the right to see a Summit Breeze® garment tackle the mannequin
burn test!  ==> 

Technical Specifications

Fabric Type




Case Pack


Case Weight


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