Alycore technology yields cut and puncture resistance performance unmatched by other cut resistant materials. For this very reason, MCR Safety has incorporated this high performance stainless steel alloy metal mesh into several gloves styles, ranging from Mutlitask, Leather Drivers and all the way to A+ Select Side Split Leather. Gloves fitted with the Alycore technology are the solution for anyone working in extreme working conditions!
Alycore Cut Protection

Our Alycore styles achieve the highest level of cut protection, ANSI A9.

All Alycore™ styles provide superior cut performance levels, which exceed ANSI A9 and CE level 5 ratings.  This superior performance shows up in the ANSI 105-2016 cut protect levels,  which gauge the gram weight needed for cutting thru material.  ANSI A5 gloves require gram weight force of  >2200 for cutting thru.  Most Alycore offerings will meet or exceed 5500 grams, 60% greater protection than standard rated ANSI A5 gloves.

Alycore Puncture Protection

Our ML300A contains enough Alycore to be puncture resistance against a 25 guage needle.
Try that with your every day glove!

Alycore Armor

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Latest Products that Feature Alycore®

Alycore™ is one of the most ANSI Cut and puncture resistant materials available. Alycore™ gloves offer maximum dexterity and sense of touch due to the high degree of flexibility and patent pending construction. All Alycore™ styles provide cut performance levels, which exceed ANSI A9 and CE cut level 5 ratings