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We stand by what we say, "We Protect People"! We are constantly researching industry standards and best practices to keep you safe.
Here you can find guides and resources to help you get the most out of your job and safety.
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Product and Safety Guides

Memphis Series Eyewear
MCR Safety’s Memphis Series safety glasses are not only designed for your safety, but also for exceptional comfort. Learn...
Predator PD4900 Series
Click Here to learn more about our rugged Impact Resistant and Highly Cut Resistant Predator work gloves!!
UltraTech Impact Level 1
Looking for the right back of hand impact protection for your application? Our UltraTech Series has you covered!
2021 Eye Protection
See what all the excitement is about! Browse the latest eyewear styles, innovations, coatings, and standards here!!!
Public Safety PPE
Looking for Public Safety PPE options? We've made it easy.. browse our 2021 Public Safety PPE catalog here!
Electrical & Fire Safety
MCR Safety's FR Clothing Powered by patented Summit Breeze® technology is the first of its kind in flame-resistant...
Glove Hem Color Guide
Need help determining what each glove hem color represents? Find our hem color guide here!
Women's PPE
Browse MCR Safety's PPE that provides size options to keep hard working women safe!
Cut Protection Guide
Learn more about cut protection and MCR Safety's cut resistant products that will help keep you safe!
2021 Focus Products
NEW for 2021! See the latest focus products from MCR Safety.
Glove Sizing Guide
Learn how to determine what size gloves you should wear.
General Purpose Work Gloves
A wide variety of seamless coated work gloves. There's one just right for you - find it here!
Leather Work Gloves
MCR Safety has a wide variety of gloves made from multiple types and grades of leather. Learn all about it here!
Ninja Gloves Guide
MCR Safety has a wide variety of quality Ninja® Glove options. Find one to fit your applications here!
OSHA Ebook
MCR Safety's manufacturer's guide to OSHA requirements contains OSHA standards and for different levels of protection.
Rainwear Guide
Need help in deciding which Rainwear is best for you? Find everything you need here!
Safety Professional Handbook
Employ the highest quality PPE by understanding OSHA requirements for standards and best practices for working professionals.
Welding Eyewear - Cutting Glasses
Find what common hazards metalworkers face while welding and the recommended PPE to protect against them.
Eyewear Lens Guide
Things to Consider When Choosing a Lens
Common Work Injuries
Top manufacturing industries are broken down by injuries in this Common Plant Injuries Infographic
2020 Focus Products
Take a look through the pages of our 2020 Focus Products catalog.
U.S. Catalog - English
U.S. Catalog - English
Canada Catalog - English
Canada Catalog - English
Canada Catalog - French
Canada Catalog - French

Product Care and Laundering Guides

Find helpful resources about product care across various types of materials and fabrics. Learn washing and laundering tips and techniques to properly wash and sanitize your PPE.

Disinfecting Non-Medical Gloves
Options for Disinfecting Non-Medical Gloves
DuPont™ Nomex® Aramid Fiber Laundering Guide
DuPont™ Nomex® Aramid Fiber Laundering Guide details approved detergents, washing procedures, bleach and care of...
Eyewear Cleaning
We recommend specific cleaning instructions when cleaning our glasses, goggles, and faceshields
Laundering Dyneema®
Care should be taken when laundering products made with Dyneema®
Cleaning PVC Garments
PVC Garment Cleaning Instructions
Sanitizing Acrylic
When disinfecting acrylic and polycarbonate materials, it is important that proper procedures be followed.
Washing Cotton and Terry Cloth
To prolong the life of our cotton and terry cloth gloves, certain care should be taken into consideration
Washing HPPE
Our gloves made with HPPE materials need to be cleaned a specific way in order to prolong their life...
Washing HyperMax™
Our gloves made with HyperMax™ technology need to be cleaned a specific way in order to prolong their life..
Washing Kevlar
Gloves or sleeves containing Kevlar should be washed according to specific instructions
Washing String Knit Gloves
String Knit Gloves should be laundered a certain way to avoid shrinkage
Westex® Laundry Guide
Westex® Flame Resistant Protective Clothing Fabric Care, Use, and Maintenance Guide

Industry Specific Guides and Information

Find information about industry specific hazards, how to prevent them, OSHA Requirements, recommended PPE for industry professionals and industry knowledge and history.

Automotive Jobs and Occupation Matrix
Find the appropriate PPE for any specific hazard across almost any automotive professions in this easy to use hazards matrix.
Concrete and Construction Safety Products
Product guide for MCR Safety products specifically geared towards concrete and construction safety.
Concrete Timeline
Evolution of the concrete industry infographic starting at the roots of civilization and ending with MCR Safety protecting...
Concrete PPE and Safety Guide
Concrete Production Safety gear guide broken down by PPE categories, risks, and hazards.
Construction and Concrete Gloves
Construction and Concrete Glove Guide for people who work with their hands, helping with the critical decision of choosing...
Construction Injury Infographic
Top construction related work injuries Infographic broken down by top industries over a timeline.
Impact Gloves Buying Guide
Find the right PPE recommendations for various hazards related to metal fabrication and many other areas where impact...
Manufacturing Gloves
The Manufacturing glove guide breaks down glove selection to an easy to follow key step process to assist with selecting...
Metal Fabrication Occupation Matrix
Find the appropriate PPE for any specific metal fabrication hazard with this easy to follow hazard-to-product matrix.
Metalworking Buying Guide
See distinct sub-industries within metalworking broken down into various roles & tasks and PPE recommendations for each.
Preventing Chemical Burns
Understand how to prevent chemical burns by understanding the basics and the science behind how it happens.
Summer Construction PPE
Find products and safety information for summer outdoor construction and concrete professions.
Supporting Sustainability
Ninja® Gloves - See how MCR Safety is helping to reduce our carbon footprint and waste impact on the world.

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