Isn't It Time You Enjoyed Your Job?

You know it, we know it. It’s no secret: Happy employees make great employees. Just as we at MCR are committed to our products and our customers, we are committed to our employees and offer an extensive array of benefit programs that promote wellness and balance in our employees' lives.

MCR Safety encourages our employees to be their best, to produce the highest quality products, deliver outstanding service, and to have fun in the process - creating an enjoyable environment to work in; one of which we all proud to be a part.

Our products help build our community and our customer's come from that same community. Our commitment to support our community reflects many of the things we value as a company, and as human beings. Focusing on key areas allows our company and employees to make a significant impact on our community, both along the lines of our field, and in general.

MCR Safety: forty years of successful PPE knowledge, headquartered in Collierville, Tennessee with production and distribution facilities around the world. We're waiting for you. Come get to work!