MCR Safety's Work Place Culture

Hours Of Operation 
Our normal operations are Monday thru Friday, 8am to 5pm for front office work, and warehouse shifts beginning at 04:00am thru 7:30pm.

Community Involvement 
Our MCR CARES Committee is comprised of employees from all areas of the company with committee membership open to all. MCR CARES has been involved in the following community activities:

  • Tree Planting at Shelby Farms
  • Car Washes for Charities
  • Ronald McDonald House
  • Kick It 5k benefitting the Herb Kosten Pancreatic Cancer Research Foundation
  • Bowl-A-Thon for Jr. Achievement
  • Memphis Union Mission
  • Can Drives for Local Food Banks
  • Salvation Army Angel Tree

Corporate Citizenship is a vital part of our identity and is encouraged by all levels of management. We believe in giving back to our communities.

Dress Code 
We enjoy casual attire all the time, but pride ourselves in our professionalism. 

Our Mission Statement 
Continually strive to be YOUR FIRST CHOICE FOR PPE by providing superior service, product expertise and consistent quality at competitive prices. 

Our Vision Statement 
Exceeding Expectations... Protecting your Quality of Life. 

Our Safety Slogan 
My Choices Result in Safety. 

Our Guiding Principles 

  • Cooperation - Management and staff will work together in cooperation to achieve departmental and company goals and initiatives. Both will actively support each other by their individual willingness to go beyond their job description duties to assure our company's vision of "Exceeding Expectations... Protecting Your Quality of Life."
  • Accountability - Management and staff will take ownership and be held accountable for consistently performing up to desired expectations. Individuals will be held accountable for their job description responsibilities, annual review goals and any specific assigned targets.
  • Responsibility - Management and staff will work together to define areas of responsibility and clearly define expectations. Both will always utilize the most effective and efficient means of achieving our goals and expectations.
  • Empowerment - Management will foster an environment to encourage positive contributions from all levels within our organization. Managers will recognize the importance of and solicit feedback to improve processes in employee's specific area of responsibilities. All staff members are encouraged to become idea generators and actively engage in team-oriented committees (CARE/QUALITY ACTION) to drive improvements throughout our company.

Care Pledge 
I pledge my commitment to our vision of "Exceeding Expectations... Protecting Your Quality of Life", I will operate with the highest level of integrity and embrace the principles of Cooperation, Accountability, Responsibility, and Empowerment.