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MCR Safety Elite Level ANSI A9 Cut Resistant Predator Mechanic Gloves

Press Release – for immediate release

June 23, 2021, Memphis, TN


MCR Safety Elite Level ANSI A9 Cut Resistant Predator Mechanic Gloves


Finding comfortable gloves and protecting one's hands is a challenge, especially when you need heavy-duty protection. Our new PD4900 offers users triple protection: ANSI A9 cut-resistance, ANSI Puncture 5 defense, and ANSI Impact Level 1 back-of-hand protection. You no longer have to search for that special glove!

Read more Last updated: Nov 04, 2019

Introducing Memphis Safety Glasses

June 23, 2021
MCR Safety introduces new Memphis safety glass series.

(Memphis, TN) MCR Safety's Memphis Series safety glasses are not only designed for your safety, but also for exceptional comfort.  The bayonet style temples are made of a soft and flexible TPR material that provides a great fit for most individuals, regardless of their facial profile.

Read more Last updated: Jul 16, 2021

Free Glove Testing ANSI 105-2016

Are you confident in your PPE?  Are you certain the markings on the glove match the actual performance?  If you answered No to these questions then keep reading.
Read more Last updated: Jun 01, 2020
Larry and Chris

MCR Safety Announces New Director of Marketing

MCR Safety announces Chris Smith as the new Director of Marketing

Over the 44 year history of MCR Safety, Larry Garner has been an integral part of our leadership team.  As Larry nears his 40th anniversary with our company, he will be transitioning into semi-retirement.  MCR Safety’s success and reputation in the market is due in a large part to Larry’s contributions.  Starting with the most humble of beginnings with Hilliard Crews, our founder, and working tirelessly over the years, Larry has helped MCR Safety grow and expand into one of the most respected companies in the PPE industry.  Larry’s energy, passion and excitement...

Read more Last updated: Nov 04, 2019

MCR Safety Is Offering Free Digital Learning Opportunities

Whether you’re looking to expand your knowledge on a certain ANSI standard or refresh your memory, MCR Safety is offering several chances to do so.  Here is the upcoming schedule and WebEx registration links to sign up: 
Read more Last updated: Nov 04, 2019

MCR Safety Announces Relocation of our West Coast Operations

MCR Safety is expanding operations as well as enhancing transit times by strategically re-positioning its West coast distribution center to Reno, NV. With over-night service to nearly every major west coast city and 8 of the 11 western states, Reno is becoming known as the "hub of the west".
Read more Last updated: Nov 04, 2019
Web Based Customer Service

Web Based Customer Service

MCR Safety is proud to introduce our "Web Based Customer Service" portal.  You can now easily check on the status of your order, print an invoice, check availability, verify pricing, and so much more!  Once you click on the link below, get started by clicking on the "request login" button on the top right-hand corner of the welcome screen.  

Read more Last updated: Sep 26, 2019