MCR Safety Announces Partnership with Corvex Connected Safety

Press Release - For Immediate Release

MCR Safety is proud to announce a new partnership with Corvex Connected Safety. This unity will empower the blending of Smart Technology & PPE into one platform with the ultimate goal of increasing real time safety awareness. For additional information related to this exciting announcement, please see the following Press Release:


Global PPE manufacturer to collaborate with leading connected safety platform company to create innovative smart products

April 24, 2018 - Memphis, TN- MCR Safety, a leader in the PPE industry, announced today a partnership with Corvex Connected Safety, a company delivering the first worker-powered IoT safety platform. MCR Safety has joined the company's strategic partner program. The Corvex Connected Safety Platform uses IoT infrastructure to create smart, connected work environments that engage and empower workers. The companies will collaborate to develop Smart PPE technology that integrates MCR Safety equipment with the Corvex solution.


"We're tremendously excited that MCR Safety has decided to join forces with our company and help bring more smart PPE products to market on the Corvex Connected Safety Platform," said Joe O'Brien, founder of Corvex. "MCR Safety has been a leader in the safety industry for nearly half a century, and their dedication to innovation and commitment to quality are well aligned with the overall Corvex mission."

The Corvex Connected Safety Platform reduces the risk of injury and accidents while dramatically increasing the return on investment of safety programs. Corvex accomplishes this through a unique IoT-based infrastructure using sensors and smart PPE to provide relevant, real- time safety data that helps safety professionals predict and prevent incidents before they happen.

Devices used by the workers themselves to report possible hazards and relay information help create a stronger sense of engagement that contributes to productivity as well as better safety outcomes. Real-time data builds more comprehensive workplace information views for managers and executives, transforming the entire workforce into a committed, connected safety community throughout the organization.

"MCR Safety is committed to driving more innovation, and partnering with Corvex allows us to leverage the protection of best-of-class of PPE with the benefits of real-time, meaningful communication where safety is concerned," said Mitch Lewellen, CEO of MCR Safety. "We believe the Corvex Connected Safety Platform is leading the market in worker-powered safety solutions. MCR Safety is excited to be part of transforming that vision into a new definition of safety for organizations around the world."

Lewellen and O'Brien stated the terms of the new partnership included a significant financial investment from MCR Safety.


About Corvex Connected Safety

Corvex puts the power of connected safety in the hands of workers resulting in engaged workforces and more effective safety management programs. The Corvex Connected Safety Platform uses IoT technology and real-time information to achieve the first truly proactive, predictive approach to safety.  To learn more about Corvex, visit