Trusted by leading global brands in motorcycle, sport and defense sectors. D3O® delivers high-performing protective glove solutions that provide enhanced comfort and ergonomic design without any compromise on worker ability to perform tasks.  D3O® in gloves offers user enhanced protection with its high quality shock absorbing technology!  For the most hazardous conditions, where back-of-hand injuries are a definitive concern, workers choose D3O®!

The D3O® high-shock absorbing properties out-performs similar materials weighing more; allowing for full flexibility and range of motion. Testing endorses:

  • 54% better Back-of- hand impact dissipation and protection
  • 46% better Finger impact dissipation and protection
  • Tests show that with repeated impacts, D3O® maintains up to 77% of its impact protection integrity for continued protection.
How D3O Works

Patented D3O® material stiffens upon an impact to dissipate the impact energy and reduce force transmitted to the wearer. Immediately returning to a soft flexible state after impact. The soft and flexible material maintains the dexterity you need yet absorbs and dissipates impact energy like no other product on the market. 

We’re the first to offer D3O® technology protection in the palm and back of hand in multitask gloves. As one user told us:

“I need padding all around due to working around and holding iron weighing anywhere from 500 to a 1,000 pounds”.
Well, that user is just one of many taking advantage of D3O® Impact Protection!

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Read how D3O® is "Raising the Standard - ISEA 138"

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Latest Products that Feature D3O®

MCR Safety is proud to expand the ForceFlex® line of multitask gloves.  By collaborating with Oil and Gas leaders, we’ve used D3O technology in designing our most innovative back-of-hand protected glove.  The  FF2930 D3O® Forceflex® packs a punch with impact dissipation not seen by standard TPR gloves.