Sealed Eyewear

There was once a time when workers found dust in their eyes, flecks of wood and sawdust in their eyes, and even paint.  Those days are a thing of the past! Our Closed Cell and Open Cell protective eyewear styles prevent particles from getting in your eyes. As one user has commented when referring to the LW310AF:

“These glasses fit well and provide protection from flying objects, as well as dust”.
MCR Safety HK3 Foam Lined Glasses

Closed Cell foam lined to prevent wind, dust, and debris from affecting your vision.

ANSI D4 Dust Protection Symbol

The Predator® 2 goggle meets the ANSI/ISEA Z87.1 D4 designation for dust protection

Cement Dust from poring Portland cement
Predator Goggles being worn around Portland cement. In addition to being ANSI D4 compliant, Predator Goggles also resist fog 6x greater than standard AF goggles with MCR Safety MAX6 anti-fog coating.

Some of our styles will have either directly applied seals or removable gaskets. The UD210PF is a great example with a permanently applied seal and the RP310PF is a great example with a removable gasket. Users will often prefer removable gaskets, because eyewear can be worn as a standard safety glass or a lined safety glass.

Here are some industries, with specific hazards, where sealed eyewear is needed:

  • Metal – flying metal particles
  • Construction – flying jobsite debris and dust
  • Carpentry - flying particles and sawdust from woodworking
  • Mining – flying objects such as large chips
  • Landscaping – grass and dirt getting in eyes
    Even geography / weather conditions can create a hazard. (ex. Arizona's dry/sandy conditions)

Additional Information about Sealed Eyewear

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