MCR Safety MAX36 Lens Coating

MAX36™ eyewear offers users Superior features:

  • Superior Anti-Fog Coating provides 6X greater Anti-Fog Performance when compared to standard Anti-Fog styles. Check out the video shown in the background highlighting MAX36™ performance!
  • In Extreme Fogging Conditions, MAX6™ Remains Clear or Fogs for No More Than 10 Seconds, While Current Industry AF Offerings Take 60 Seconds or Longer To Dissipate.
  • Passes ANSI Z87.1 anti-fog test.
  • Passes EN166 N Mark Test for Anti-Fog. 60 Seconds or Longer To Dissipate.
  • Superior Anti-Scratch Coating provides 3X greater scratch resistance when compared to standard Anti-Scratch styles. 
MAX6™ Anti-Fog Coating Technology

Check out how the MCR Safety's award-winning MAX6™ lens coating technology
outperforms and leaves the competition in the fog... Literally
(You see what we did there?)

There are countless industries and workers needing MAX36™ premium anti-fog/anti scratch protection. Here are just a few examples:


  • Hot Foundries and Steel Mills
  • Hot Manufacturing and Chemical Plants
  • Frozen Food Plants
  • Abrasive applications that normally scratch lenses


  • Any workplace activity performed in humid conditions
  • Forklift drivers and material handlers going inside and outside during hot conditions
  • Construction Laborers
  • Workers with scratched lenses may remove their eyewear. This is when injuries occur.

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MCR Safety MAX 6
Eye Protection

Latest Products that Feature MAX36™

As one construction supervisor told us, “Construction site conditions are always changing from day-to-day. When a worker takes off their eyewear due to fogging, they expose themselves to new workplace hazards not there the day before”.  Scratched lenses may also impair vision and cause workers to remove their eye protection.  MCR Safety's MAX36™ coating address both of these issues! Eyewear coated with MAX36™ provides MAX3™ superior anti-scratch coating on the outside of the lens giving you 3 times more scratch resistance than industry standard coatings. Also our MAX6™ superior anti-fog coating on the inside of the lens provide six times greater fog-resistance and dissipation over standard AF coatings. Workers across all industries no longer need to take off their eyewear subjecting themselves to possible injuries!

Dominator™ DM3 Series Safety Glasses with MAX36™ Fire Mirror Lenses Gun Metal Frame Color with...

Dominator™ DM3 Series Blue Diamond Mirror MAX36™ Lenses Anti-Fog Safety Glasses Clear Frame Color...

Dominator™ DM3 Series Black Mirror MAX36™ Lenses Anti-Fog Safety Glasses Black Frame Color with...

Mossy Oak® Blades® Swagger® UD1 Series Camouflage Safety Glasses Mossy Oak Shadow Grass® Blades®...

Swagger® RP2 Series Black Safety Glasses with Clear Lenses MAX36™ Anti-Fog / Anti-Scratch...

Swagger® RP2 Series Black Safety Glasses with Gray Lenses MAX36™ Anti-Fog / Anti-Scratch...

Swagger® RP2 Series Black Safety Glasses with Clear Mirror Lenses MAX36™ Anti-Fog / Anti-Scratch...

Swagger® UD1 Series Safety Glasses Provides Ultra Defense Ballistic Impact Protection Blue...

MCR Safety MAX 6
MCR Safety - MAX6 technology offers 6x greater anti-fog protection over standard anti-fog glasses. Stop using those...
Standard Anti-Fog
UV Cured Anti-Fog Safety Glasses
Anti-Fog Safety Glasses
60% of all participants surveyed listed anti-fogging as the #1 most important buying decision when selecting safety glasses

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