MCS Safety MAX 6

Are you tired of using anti-fog wipes?  MCR Safety’s MAX6™ coating is built into the lens during the manufacturing process.  By utilizing this technology, workers are no longer required to stop work and apply fog-resistant wipes, exposing ones’ eyes to potential hazards and debris.  Moreover, stopping work to wipe on anti-fog wipes is costly and unproductive.  MAX6™ keeps worker’s vision clear and ready for the work at hand.

MAX6™ eyewear offers users a handful of features:
  • Superior Anti-Fog Coating provides 6X greater Anti-Fog Performance when compared to standard Anti-Fog styles. Check out the video shown in the background highlighting MAX6™ performance!
  • In Extreme Fogging Conditions, MAX6™ Remains Clear or Fogs for No More Than 10 Seconds, While Current Industry AF Offerings Take 60 Seconds or Longer To Dissipate.
  • Passes EN166 N Mark Test for Anti-Fog. 60 Seconds or Longer To Dissipate.
MCR Safety MAX6™ Steam Skull

MAX6™ anti-fog demonstration

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There are countless industries and workers needing MAX6™ premium anti-fog protection. Here are just a few examples:


  • Hot Foundries and Steel Mills
  • Hot Manufacturing and Chemical Plants
  • Frozen Food Plants


  • Any workplace activity performed in humid conditions
  • Forklift drivers and material handlers going inside and outside during hot conditions
  • Construction Laborers

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As one construction supervisor told us, “Construction site conditions are always changing from day-to-day. When a worker takes off their eyewear due to fogging, they expose themselves to new workplace hazards not there the day before”. MAX6™ anti-fog coating is proven to provide six times greater fog-resistance and dissipation over standard AF coatings. Construction workers from many industries no longer need to take off their eyewear!