Our Best Mechanics Gloves by Feature

As we highlight in our article, Mechanic Gloves: The Top 5 to Consider, mechanics need quality gloves to protect themselves from a wide range of hazards. These may include:


  •  Abrasive handling (parts and materials)
  •  Arm injuries from reaching, stretching, or twisting
  •  Burns from touching hot objects
  •  Caustic chemicals
  •  Cuts to hands and arms
  •  Heavy equipment, causing potential crush injuries
  •  Impeded sense of touch


In our Top 5 Mechanic Gloves article, we highlight a wide range of gloves that help mechanics combat workplace hazards and serve as an indispensable part of a mechanic’s personal protective equipment (PPE). With over 749,900 mechanics finding employment in the U.S., many hands need to be protected every day. Because mechanics make up such a large work sector, they have significantly influenced glove design when it comes to PPE. Their impact has been so considerable that today you may hear non-mechanics say they need a pair of mechanics gloves. But what does that mean?

On this page, you will find information on all the gloves that MCR Safety produces that are commonly referred to only as "Mechanics Gloves". 


What are Mechanics Gloves?


Traditionally, mechanics gloves have been made from a cut and sewn pattern, meaning that pieces of fabric are cut to shape and sewn together to create a glove. Over the past decade, however, more and more mechanics gloves are being developed on seamless shells, like our UT2952, and UT1950.




Mechanics gloves have grown significantly in popularity thanks to NASCAR's influence. With millions of fans watching race teams and pit crews wearing a fashionable glove to get a tough job done, workers have fueled interest in this type of glove across almost every industry. Yes, the gloves may be called mechanics gloves, but virtually all workers wear them across all industrial landscapes.  

Because everyone loves wearing a nice pair of work gloves! Comfort, durability, launderability, breathability, and lightweight materials best describe the most popular features of in MCR Safety’s mechanics gloves.



Mechanics gloves are a popular choice for NASCAR enthusiasts, especially mechanics


MCR Safety’s mechanics gloves are designed for those needing a rugged, high-quality product for demanding work. Here are some distinguishing qualities of the mechanics gloves we offer:


  •  A diverse range of advanced technologies applied
  •  Highest quality material utilized, well-made
  •  Fashionable look
  •  Outstanding all-day comfort and performance
  •  Back-of-hand impact gloves available
  •  Reinforced
  •  Tougher than standard work gloves, last longer


Since the 1990s, MCR Safety’s mechanics glove styles have grown from a limited three or four choices to over 70 options offered today. Leather and synthetic leather styles still make up the bulk of our mechanics gloves. However, as new technologies are developed, mechanics gloves will continue to improve and increase in popularity as they offer better back-of-hand protection and puncture-resistant material.

Do you need an excellent grip, a snug fit, comfortable material, agile dexterity, and superb protection? Our innovative 962 and 963 styles show how technology continues to evolve to make mechanics gloves that offer state-of-the-art hand protection. Unheard of just ten years ago, these gloves now make up more and more of the hand protection people turn to for on-the-job protection.

It's not only Silicone Valley where advanced technology is reshaping the world. It's happening here with hand protection in good old Memphis, Tennessee!


MCR Safety Mechanics Glove Brands




Currently, we offer four brands that fall under the Mechanics Gloves heading. Here is a description of each.

This line includes a patented TPR tire tread to protect against impact.

Card image cap
ForceFlex® - 

These offer exceptional protection using smart material, like in our D3O mechanics gloves.


A competitively-priced glove line that offers TPR impact protection.

MCR Safety_952_Glove
MCR Safety® 

Mechanics gloves in our HyperFit® and TaskFit® styles for those who don’t require impact protection.

Our Best Mechanics Gloves


At MCR Safety, we pride ourselves on having a wide selection of gloves, as no one glove can serve every customer's needs. Users require many different types of protection, which means our gloves must be suited to different environments. Some mechanics gloves offer enhanced grip; others provide heat protection; some are cut-resistant or offer impact protection; and others are designed with advanced materials. Mechanics gloves utilize every type of material and configuration possible in hand protection, making it a unique glove class in itself.


You'll find tire tread TPR only on MCR Safety impact gloves!


Mechanics gloves feature an assortment of fabrics, designs, and colors.  Rest assured, for each one of these features mechanics gloves offer best in class material and craftsmanship. Our next section will highlight some of best features found in this glove category and the common requests in this product category.

Gloves By Feature



We thought it would be helpful to show some of our most requested mechanics gloves so you can see some of your choices and understand what sets them apart from one another. For each, we list unique features, advantages, and benefits of the specific glove style.


Camo Gloves


Shadow Grass® Blades® features a precise arrangement of individual blades of grass, whether windblown, broken, or bent, onto a background of thatch consisting of lesser or dead grass to create the perfect pure grass pattern. 


Shadow Grass® Blades®



pure grass pattern


most realistic looking camo background on the market

MO100 and MO200 are made with Shadow Grass® Blades®.

Combat, Military, and Tactical Gloves

Combat Military Tactical Gloves

Not only can mechanics "tactical" gloves protect your hands from extreme environments, but they can also help you get a better grip on your gear and protect your knuckles and hands from injury.

Because they are often used by military and law enforcement personnel, tactical gloves tend to be offered in muted colors, including black, dark gray, "military 499" tan, dark green, or military-approved camouflage patterns.


Tactical design and premium materials



Made with muted colors, offer high-level of dexterity



Substantial protection without compromising tactility

Our 963 has been well-received since its introduction in 2019. We provide a visual aid below that highlights some of what makes this glove special!



Cut-Resistant Work Gloves


Excellent cut resistance in gloves is a must when working around sharp blades, tools, and parts. MCR Safety’s mechanics gloves keep your hands protected from sharp objects with ANSI cut scores ranging from A2 to A9.  And, in most cases, users receive dual protection, with impact protection too.


Exceptional cut-resistant material



Hands are shielded from sharp objects



Cut injuries are greatly reduced around high-risk hazards

UT2952 and UT2953 are two of our top selling mechanics gloves offering cut resistance


We recently released a brand new A9 cut-resistant mechanics glove style that provides users with the highest level of cut protection available on the market today.

PD4900 A9 Mechanics Gloves


We also encourage you to check out our Cut Protection page.  We put a spotlight on all the material used, and shed light on what hazards often cause cut injuries.


Padded Palm Gloves



Padded gloves absorb impact and vibration energy and protect the wearer. The D3O® palm padding found in several of our mechanics gloves is excellent for reducing the palm's impact with objects. It is common for those picking up materials and working with tools to experience banged up palms. D3O® pads the glove's palm with high-impact, energy-dissipating material.



D3O® palm padding



Material dissipates energy



Reduces the impact of objects on the palm

Check out our 963 and 964 padded mechanics gloves. Both options are made with HyperFit® material, providing wearers with great feel, stretch, and comfort.

Fingerless Gloves


Why would anyone want less protection around their fingers? Nothing compares to the natural feel and sense of touch than one’s fingertips handling objects. Fingerless gloves allow maximum feel while offering palm protection. They are always an option to consider for those who need to achieve a snug fit, maximum dexterity, and premier precision. They also offer the greatest level of comfort due to natural venting.



Fingerless design.



Palms stay protected without losing sense-of-touch.



Dexterity in handling smaller objects and tools.

902 - Partial Fingerless with Padded Palm


You'll find all our fingerless gloves here.

Grip Gloves


Hand protection that grips well and is engineered with high-quality materials and patterns is essential in many work environments. With the 962, we incorporated cutting-edge technology and state-of-the-art safety elements to create a glove that offers grip and protection. It features a unique steel cable/rope channel reinforced with rough DuPont™ Kevlar®. We didn't stop there, though. It also has a reinforced thumb crotch that allows for excellent protection in an extremely high-stress area. How about some additional layering? A silicone tire-tread pattern in the palm covers the Kevlar®, and MAXGRID™ fingertips allow for industry-leading grip.


Reinforced steel cable grip on silicone.



Industry-leading grip.



Maintain grip much easier, stands up to extended wear.

Check out all the core features of the 962 below.





Heat-Resistant Gloves

965_Heat-Resistant Gloves



These gloves hold up and protect workers who come in contact with hot objects. The palm of the MC504 features a premium corded cotton double palm that allows it to achieve ANSI Contact Heat Level 3 heat protection of up to 392°F. The reinforced thumb crotch provides additional protection in a critical high-stress area.


Feat-resistant cotton material.



Heat protection up to 392º F.



Helps prevent burn injuries.

Another heat-resistant mechanics glove style we make is the 906DP. Check out its features and benefits below.





Heavy-Duty Work Gloves

Heavy Duty Work Gloves


For tough jobs, you need even tougher gloves! Working on heavy mechanical and industrial equipment requires gloves designed for heavy-duty wear and tear. At the same time, though, they must provide some flexibility. Our new PD4900 fits the bill, as it is lined with a new innovative DuPont™ Kevlar® palm lining for extreme cut protection, and its back is reinforced with ANSI level 1 impact-resistant protection.



Heavy-duty outer and inner materials.



Longer wear and better protection.



Protects hands during the most challenging jobs.

And the reinforcement isn't reserved for only the back-of-hand. The reinforced thumb crotch and hybrid fourchettes add strength in high-stress areas.



High-Dexterity Thin Work Gloves

UT1950_High Dexterity Gloves

These are mechanics gloves that are comfortable to wear, don't feel cumbersome, and allow wearers to grip smaller objects, like screws, well. The MCR Safety UltraTech UT1950 features a 13-gauge black nylon shell and black foam nitrile-coated palm and fingers. Wearers of the UT1950 enjoy the comfort and fit of nylon, along with Impact Level 1 back-of-hand impact protection. The porous, sandy, nitrile foam coating provides additional grip with liquids and oils while providing abrasion and puncture resistance.


Thin nylon shell.



Advanced range of motion and dexterity.


Helps wearer grip objects without sacrificing back-of-hand protection.

Thin mechanics gloves, like the PD3950, do not impede sense-of-touch when working with tools.


HyperFit® Super-Stretch Gloves


HyperFit® is a super-stretch material designed to easily stretch and provide users with a sung fit. Many of our popular mechanics gloves are engineered with this new super-stretch material in the knuckle area. Gloves featuring HyperFit® technology keep hands cool and comfortable. They offer users unmatched fit, feel, and functionality. Here are a couple of applications where one would find this glove beneficial to wear:

  •  Handling parts
  •  Material handling


High-visibility colors.



Provides additional contrasting colors.


Keeps workers seen in low light environments.


Impact Gloves

Impact gloves

The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics concluded that in 2015, workers sustained 143,000 injuries to their hands. When you peel back the onion even further, 76% of on-the-job hand injuries result from cuts and crushes.  Many of our mechanics gloves feature impact protection, which provides wearers with protection to help dissipate force applied to the back-of-hand.


New Designs



Impact material on back-of-hand.



Guards both the wearer's palm and back-of-hand.


Helps reduce crush injuries to the back of the hand.

You'll want to make sure you zone in on the impact level, ranging from one to three, to determine which level of protection is right for your needs. You can read up more on that subject here.


Check out the new UT1954:

UT1954 provides ANSI Impact Level 1 protection


Check out our new PD2910:

PD2910 Mechanics Gloves


We recommend you check out our Impact Protection page.  You can also filter by impact level on our gloves catalog page: Impact Level 1 or Impact Level 2.

Winter Insulated Warm Mechanics Gloves


At MCR Safety, we know hard work doesn't stop when the weather turns rough.  Our UT1956, shown above, provides wearers with an acrylic liner, perfect for keeping hands warm on cold winter days.

For those who face extremely cold winter conditions, heat retention requirements are significant. Anyone looking for a warm, dexterous mechanics glove will want to get their hands into a pair of our new mechanics gloves with Thinsulate™ lining.




We offer different levels of Thinsulate™, from lightweight insulation to heavy Thinsulate™. Our styles include the 980, 981, 982, and 983.


Winter liner.



Provides the user with increases warmth.


Allows the wearer to continue working during colder weather.

MO200 is lined with Thinsulate™


Oil-Resistant Gloves

926 and FF2932


Our 926 and FF2932 mechanics gloves feature an waterproof inner bladder, which offers outstanding protection against oil or other liquids entering the glove. Both gloves feature a winter liner, too, which is excellent for those who work in colder climates.


Oil-resistant liner.



Provides a barrier from oil.


Prevents hands from becoming coated with oil.

For those who work in warmer environments, any glove that features a nitrile-coated polymer on the palm is ideal for working around oil. For example, the UT1950 features a 13-gauge black nylon shell and black nitrile foam coated palm and fingers.

If you need complete oil-resistance, we recommend you check out our N2658HVO.  It has many of the features expected from a mechanics gloves, like impact protection, while also offering full oil-resistance.


Ninja Alchemy Gloves


Women's Work Gloves

One Size Doesn't fit all

We stock a variety of smaller sizes in our mechanics gloves lineup. Our online glove catalog allows you to find the size you need quickly. We encourage you to read our article on Glove Sizing for instructions on how to determine your correct measurements for those who don't know their hand size.

We also have the following article dedicated to Women's PPE.


Mechanic Work Glove Colors

950 Mechanics Glove951 Mechanics Glove952 Mechanics Glove953 Mechanics Glove954 Mechanics Glove

Are you interested in only a particular color glove? Are you looking specifically for black, brown, or blue gloves? You can sort by the color directly in the Mechanics Glove catalog.



Other Gloves Mechanics Wear


Mechanics use a wide variety of gloves.  The below options are not classified as Mechanics Gloves, but we figured it would be helpful to mention for our mechanics visiting the page.

  •  Nitrile Gloves for Mechanics
    MCR Safety’s disposable mechanics gloves are essential for any mechanic. Our black disposable gloves hide the dirt and grime that comes along with mechanics’ work and now these gloves come in a variety of styles. Check out our blog on the best Black Gloves to see several different options.
  •  Liquid Gloves for Mechanics
    The MCR Safety Ninja® Alchemy N2658HVO is a 14" fully-coated PVC glove with TPR on the back-of-hand. A liquid glove for mechanics needs to be able to take a beating, which is why the long arm mechanics gloves are a top customer choice.
  •  Mechanics Rubber Gloves
    The best latex gloves for mechanics will depend on how much dexterity and sense-of-touch is required. For a thicker option, check out our 5049 disposable gloves, and for a thin option, check out the 5055. For our thickest disposable mechanics latex gloves, check out our 5048.


Common Questions

Common Questions


Are mechanics gloves USA made?

  •  Domestic manufacturing increases the cost of almost any product, especially labor-intensive mechanics gloves. MCR Safety does manufacture a small selection of leather gloves in our U.S. factories, some of which include a high-end style mechanics glove. However, the cost does rise considerably due to higher labor costs in the U.S. 

    Even though costs rise for domestic products, many users want U.S. made goods, especially for government contracts. If you request a quote for any glove seen above to be made in the U.S., we can look into what it would entail having the glove made in the U.S. and provide a cost.



Where are mechanics gloves made?

  •  Production for most of MCR Safety’s mechanics gloves is traditionally located in Vietnam, Pakistan, and China.


How to wash mechanics gloves?

  •  Laundering mechanics gloves all depends on what material the gloves are made of, such as Kevlar® or leather. Check our Laundering Guide for further information.


Are mechanics gloves usually fingerless?

  •  Many mechanics prefer wearing fingerless gloves whenever possible, as it allows them to feel small parts. However, not all mechanics gloves are fingerless and many offer full hand protection.


Should gloves be worn by auto mechanics?

  •   The answer is a resounding Yes! In fact, as we reported in our Extreme Cut Hazards blog, mechanics rank eighth in experiencing the most cuts, lacerations, and puncture incidents in the workplace. Their interactions with equipment, moving parts, and heavy car materials put them at an increased risk of injury.


MCR Safety: The Best Gloves for Mechanics

The Best Mechanics Gloves


Our bodies are tough, designed to hold up over time, and adapt. However, some hazards require extra protection so we don’t get hurt. Keeping your hands safe is where mechanics gloves enter the picture.

As you can see from all the options we’ve shared, there isn't one mechanics glove designed for everyone. It all comes down to the protection a wearer requires and their personal preferences. Some mechanics gloves might come as a nice leather palm style, like the PD2906, for long wear and tear. Another user may want comfort, which means our HyperFit® styles will be the best option.

Are you or your entire crew ready to wear one of MCR Safety's Mechanics Gloves? Contact us for assistance today by leaving us a comment, and we will have someone touch base with you. Also, keep in mind that our Buy and Try website allows you to get a set of gloves in your hands, then have our distribution partners fill all future requests.


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