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The concrete industry knows how to put on a show!  58,000 people attended World of Concrete in 2018.  You can find attendees from the tradeshow performing a wide range of concrete related activities.  Here are the top segments within the concrete industry requiring a variety of PPE – ready mix contractors, concrete block manufacturers, stucco contractors, demolition/repair and concrete pumping services.  For each one of these, workers are almost always faced with unique hazards.

Out of all concrete hazards, wet cement causes the most hand injuries across the industry.  This occurs because concrete is extremely caustic and highly abrasive. Cement exposure to one’s skin can ultimately lead to 2nd degree burns. You can imagine then, workers want safety gear they can rely on. Beyond just gloves, workers need a wide range of PPE from boots, long-sleeved shirts, insulated gear, and protective eyewear. The Portland Cement Association, one of the most trusted in the industry, produces a great and informative video about safety around concrete.

As always, our goal is getting you into the best PPE for the hazards faced.  We highlight below the most common concrete hazards, along with safety product recommendations. In the event we do not cover your unique hazard, let us know. Feel free to drop us some feedback at the bottom of this page. If you are wishing to have direct consultation, we can assist there too! All you have to do is contact us below and we will have a trained 360° Safety Specialist contact you.

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Concrete Articles

Each year, approximately 28,000 concrete workers experience a job-related injury or illness. Many of those are preventable with the right personal protective equipment (PPE).

Download our information on some of the most common injuries and get industry tips for preventing them on the job.

Our latest articles feature construction and concrete safety information related to choosing the right gloves, glasses, and garments for the job.

Concrete Guides

MCR Safety is dedicated to providing you with the right construction safety information to ensure you find the right protective gloves, glasses, and garments. Be sure to check out our safety tips and guides.

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Common Concrete Hazards

Find the right MCR Safety product that protects you against these common hazards.

Crush and Impact

Crush Hazard

The most common cause of hand injuries is blunt trauma. Overall, 76% of all injuries are the result of cut and crush. Concrete workers, especially those in Demolition and Repair, face a multitude of close quarter environments resulting in pinch point injuries.

Learn More About Crush and Impact Protection

Impared Vision

Cement Dust Hazard

Flying debris and dust is everywhere on a jobsite causing a loss of visibility. Cement dust causes the most common eyewear injury across the concrete industry. Let us help keep your eyes fixed on the job at hand.

Learn More About Impared Vision Protection

Sharp Objects

MCR Safety Predator Alycore Gloves with rebar

Ever come across some jagged rebar? We figured the answer was yes. Over 18% of all hand injuries are from cuts and lacerations. Construction workers come into constant contact with rough, sharp and jagged surfaces.

Learn More About Sharp Objects Protection

Wet Cement

Wet Concrete Hazardous Application

Wet Cement is the #1 cause of hand injury in the concrete industry. We have featherweight and waterproof gloves, and boots you have to see!

Learn More About Wet Cement Protection

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MCR Safety Cut Hazard

Cut Protection

Cut hazards are everywhere in daily life. You can't afford to be using the wrong safety gear.
MCR Safety High Visibility Vest

Hi Vis

MCR Safety’s Hi-Vis safety gear (PPE) offers the best protection for those working in dangerous environments.
Pinch Hazard

Impact Protection

Protect your hands from falling objects and pinch points with MCR Safety's impact resistant technology.
High Visibility Gloves, Garments, and Apparal


Feeling cold? MCR Safety's line of insulated gear can protect you in extreme temperatures.
MCR Safety Waterproof Boots and Pants

Liquid Protection

Don't like getting wet? MCR Safety's got your covered, literally, with premium waterproof rain & liquid protection.

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MCR Safety manufactures and supplies Personal Protective Equipment (PPE). Simply put, WE PROTECT PEOPLE!  We are known world-wide for our extensive product line depth surrounding gloves, glasses, and garments spanning across numerous industries.  We offer the total package of safety gear encompassing industrial gloves, safety glasses, protective garments, welding gear, industrial boots, Flame Resistant (FR) gear, face shields, and much more.  From a glove standpoint alone, MCR Safety manufacturers and supplies over 1,000 different style gloves. Here are some of the many reasons MCR Safety is your go to source for PPE:

  • Global PPE manufacturer, with operations stretching across 5 continents. 
  • Direct manufacturer of over 50% of all product, ensuring the highest level of quality. 
  • In conjunction with quality control measures resulting from direct manufacturing, our ITC Innovations Technology Center ensures another layer of testing glove quality. The ITC Lab is the only ISO 17025 accredited lab to perform ANSI/ISEA 105-2016 cut resistance, abrasion resistance, puncture resistance, and conductive heat resistance testing in North America. We offer no cost testing for users interested in knowing the quality level of current PPE being worn or for potential new products being considered.
  • Winner of multiple new product innovation awards, most recently being the DM3 eyewear
  • Dedicated 360° Safety Specialists ready for onsite PPE consultations.

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